Epic Hosts #FreeFortnite Tournament With Anti-Apple Prizes

#FreeFortnite tournament
Chief Financial Officer Tart Tycoon (source: Epic Games)

As the latest step in the conflict, Epic has announced the #FreeFortnite tournament to be held on August 23. The prizes are entirely in the anti-Apple theme.

Last week, Epic added a new direct payment system to Fortnite, which violates Apple's guidelines. Apple removed Fortnite from the App Store the same day. Shortly thereafter, Epic launched a campaign against Apple by suing the company and releasing a "Nineteen Eighty-Fortnite" video that ridiculed Apple's famous "1984" ad and promoted the #FreeFortnite hashtag. Earlier this week, Epic also filed a restraining order to try to stop Apple from removing the studio from Apple's developer program. But Apple stood firm and said they would "make no exception" for Epic. In the restraining order, Epic said that Apple would remove them from the Apple Developer Program on August 28.

Now Epic Games took the next step and is again using the Fortnite community to shoot against Apple. A #FreeFortnite tournament is scheduled to take place on August 23. The prizes... well, see for yourself.

#FreeFortnite Tournament

The 4th season of Fortnite will probably start on August 28. Both Epic Games and Apple have announced that iOS players will no longer be able to play Fortnite on their devices starting with the next season.

Epic is using the final days before the start of the new season to once again stir up its community against Apple. The tournament will run over 4 hours in solo format in up to 12 matches.

Ranking System

The point system is a little different this time than in other tournaments. Every 3 minutes you survive, you get one point. You also get one point for each elimination. An epic victory is rewarded with 10 points.

Anti-Apple Prizes

Now for the tournament's unique feature: Epic Games is awarding more physical prizes than ever before. Players from all regions who earn at least 10 points will receive the "Chief Financial Officer Tart Tycoon" outfit.

Chief Financial Officer Tart Tycoon Fortnite
Chief Financial Officer Tart Tycoon (Image credit: Epic Games)

The players with the highest scores of all regions (20,000 players worldwide) will also receive a #FreeFortnite cap, which Epic will mail to your home.

Free Fortnite Cap
Free Fortnite Cap (source: Epic Games)

In addition, Epic will provide 1,200 gaming hardware prizes to the players who ate the most apples during the tournament. These include the following products:

  • Alienware Gaming Laptop
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S7
  • OnePlus 8 - 90 FPS on a smartphone
  • PlayStation 4 Pro
  • Xbox One X
  • Nintendo Switch

Most of the apples you can find here of course in the apple orchard on the map. We have marked this on the map below. Just cut down the trees and the apples will fall on your heads. But be careful: The rush there will be enormous.

Apple Locations
Apple Locations. (Image credit: Epic Games)

You can read all official rules for the #FreeFortnite tournament here.

One thing you have to give Epic Games credit for: They are creative in what they do. But if it's the right strategy to use their community, where there are many children, to fight against Apple, is another question...

After all, Epic knew about Apple's guidelines and deliberately violated them. Presenting Apple as the sinner is a bit tasteless. Nevertheless, they do benefit from the 30% share of in-game purchases of all apps in their store. Money they earn from the intellectual property of others just by offering the app for download.

Let's hope that Epic Games won't use all their strength and resources to fight Apple and will soon focus on their own game and the new season again.

We'll keep you posted. You can find more news about Fortnite on EarlyGame.

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