EA FC 24: Icons Removal In Next FIFA – EA Changes Icons Drastically

EA will remove some of our beloved Icons in EA FC 24. We tell you which Icons we won't see anymore, and what changes you can expect for FUT Icons going forward into FC 24.

EA FC 24 FUT Icons
EA FC 24: Some FUT Icons will be removed in the new FIFA 24. | © EarlyGame/EA Sports

In their latest FUT deep dive, EA dropped some significant news. Besides unveiling ratings for several football superstars, they announced a huge change in how FUT Icons will work in EA FC 24.

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We'll show you why the removal of some of our beloved Icons might be not as bad as it sounds (at least that's what we're hoping for) and how Icons in will boost your squad chemistry in Ultimate Team.

EA FC 24: EA Will Remove Icon Versions In FIFA 24

EA obviously had to come up with some changes for their next game. One pressing issue was the chemistry system surrounding Icons. In FIFA 23, Icons paled in comparison to FUT Heroes when it came to chemistry, largely because they only amplified their home nation and lacked league affiliation.

In EA FC 24, Icons will contribute to every league that’s represented in your squad. And if you add two Icons, you'll get two chemistry contributions, guaranteeing at least one chem point for each league. That is a huge W.

However, we are also parting ways with some of our cherished football legends...

EA FC 24: No More Base, Mid & Prime Icons – Standard & Promo Versions Are Coming

Yep, you've seen that right. In the future we'll have to do without Base, Mid & Prime Icons in Ultimate Team.

Instead, there will be a single standard version for each Icon, with opportunities for upgrades and new iterations through special promotions, events, and campaigns during the FUT season. This new approach has raised some eyebrows. The concern is that Icons might become even more elusive than they already are.

Consider, for example, the grind required for the Cover Star Ronaldinho SBC. It's daunting, to say the least. On the bright side, packing one of these enhanced Icons could be a game changer. Icons are set to start the season with more impressive stats and will only get better as time goes on.

To put it in perspective: there won't be a 91-rated Zinedine Zidane in the game at all. Instead, Zizou will kick off the season as a formidable 94-rated standard version, receiving even higher-rated versions throughout the season.

We're wishing all the players out there the best of luck – securing an Icon, especially early in the season, could secure you a lot of wins.

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