The Top 5 Players With The Best Shooting

You want to score some real screamers? Well. Work on your skill. But you could also buy the players with the best shooting stats. That's much easier. So which players have the best shooting in FIFA 22?
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It's all about them goals. | © EA Sports

Boys are so gross. They just want that one thing... Goals. And how do you score them in FIFA? With bugs and some bit of momentum! And if the game happens to work, sometimes the ratings are worth the pixel they are displayed on. So if you don't want to land on the bottom of the table and score some goals, you really should aim for the players with the best shootings. But we mean their stats. Not their criminal record.

The Top 5 Players With The Best Shooting

If you want to break the net of your opponent like Didier Drogba did break my heart in 2012, I would recommend you the following players. No, wait. No one could break ever again something like my heart got smashed on that specific evening. I will never forget David Luiz' words... And now goal.

5. Erling Haaland – 91 Shooting

The Norwegian has a really nice shot. Unfortunately, you won't get that far with Haaland, because he's not the meta this year. But who cares about that? If you want to have fun, buy him. Haaland costs around 20k, his pace (89) and shooting (91) are insane. The future Ballon d'Or winner has even a Rulebreaker Card...

4. Harry Kane – 91 Shooting

England's captain once said so beautifully: *incomprehensible gibberish*. If Harry Kane did move to Manchester City, Guardiola's team would smash every competition like nothing else. But, as you know, he has no interest in winning any titles... So he stayed. With his shooting of 91, he is definitely one of the best strikers in the game. But his pace is just too low. You shouldn't aim for the Englishman.

3. Robert Lewandowski – 92 Shooting

Speaking of an embarrassing pace – Robert Lewandowski is just as lame as Harry Kane. Even though he can rely on his strong feet, there is no reason to put him in your starting XI. How did he even get a 92 OVR? Tell me, EA Sports, tell me!

2. Lionel Messi – 92 Shooting

Before the title updates, he was the best player in FIFA 22. After that... he was nowhere to be seen. But his ratings are still insane... Just look at his shooting (92) and dribbling (95). Remember his last highlight in the CL? His freekick in the 1st leg against Liverpool, 2019? That's what you get with him, my friend.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo – 93 Shooting

Do you even know what GOAT means? Greatest. Of. All. Time. Let that sink in. You will never see a player like him ever again. Even with 36 years, he can compete with the best players in the world. Does he have any chance for the Ballon d'Or? If you think like the Liverpool fans, definitely! If Salah's POTM award is enough to justify his Ballon d'Or ambitions, Ronaldo should be up there as well. In FIFA 22 you really should aim for him... If you have enough money, of course. His one of the best players in the game. And to end this article appropriately: SIIIUUU!