Best FIFA 22 Players

We present you the best FIFA 22 players. Ronaldo and Messi are of course among them – but also young players like Ansu Fati are interesting. With them, you will improve your squad in Ultimate Team.
Beste FIFA 22 Spieler
Messi, Ronaldo and Co: These are the best FIFA 22 players | © EA Sports/EarlyGame

No matter which game mode you prefer to play in FIFA 22: The best players in FIFA 22 will always improve your team. Be it in Career Mode or Ultimate Team. Only with the best of the best, your squad will become a world-class team.

The top 100 of the best players have been released by EA Sports for quite some time now. We tell you who is the best for each position and give you an overview of who is better than the rest.

Best FIFA 22 Players

Of course, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are inevitable here. As you have probably noticed, Robert Lewandowski pushed CR7 from second place in the overall ratings. Just crazy what the Pole showed in the Bundesliga in 2020/2021. He's the best striker (ST) in FIFA 22 - but only in terms of OVR. A lack of pace prevents him from appearing on this list.

But who are the best goalkeepers? Why is Theo Hernandez so popular as an LV? Who is the most stable midfielder? And where is Mbappé? You will find out all of this now!

Best Goalkeepers in FIFA 22

If you are looking for the best choice between your posts, these are the goalkeepers you can trust. Always keep in mind, that height is very important for GKs.

We have listed the three best keepers in the whole game for you. With those you make it incredibly difficult for your opponent to score a goal. If you keep a clean sheet, then you are already on track in FIFA. Whether in the Weekend League, in Ultimate Team or in a couch duel against your buddy.

Jan Oblak – 91 OVR

The Slovenian has been the backing for years of one of the best defensive alliances in the world: Atlético Madrid. Not conceding a goal is mandatory under Diego Simeone, that's no secret. Defending is everything. Oblak has outstanding reflexes - also in game. In FIFA 22, he is the goalkeeper with the highest overall rating. Only his height of 6'2" is not helpful in terms of meta.

Jan Oblak FIFA 22 beste Torhüter
The best GK in FIFA 22 – OVR wise | ©

Gianluigi Donnarumma – 89 OVR

Donnarumma determines the FIFA meta and is the best keeper for the Ultimate Team. The 22-year-old is also still a young player who gets better and better during his career. His height of 6' 5" is the cheese on the pizza (sorry to all Italians). Of course, he has his price in FUT, but as we said, there is no goalkeeper in the game who is more reliable.

Donnarumma beste Spieler FIFA 22
The meta-keeper for your FUT-Team | ©

Manuel Neuer – 90 OVR

The only one who is still excellent is Bayern Munich's long-time number 1. Neuer is just a few centimeters taller than Marc-Andre ter Stegen from FC Barcelona, ​​who also has an OVR of 90. Neuer jumps and dives better than other colleagues and comes really close to his real role model. We don't know why exactly, but he sometimes seems to save shots that other goalkeepers would have missed. Absolute world-class keeper!

Manuel Neuer beste Spieler FIFA 22
If you run towards Neuer, make sure you aim very well | ©

Best Defenders in FIFA 22

In FIFA 22, young players don't exactly stand out in defense. There is no defensive player under the age of 20 who is world-class. Sure, Alphonso Davies (20 years) from Bayern Munich as full-back or Joules Kounde (22 years) from FC Sevilla and Maxence Lacroix (21 years) from VfL Wolfsburg are the exception to the rule thanks to their pace, but if you are looking for solid defenders, you can safely do without young players. Experience is required here.

After the second major FIFA patch, the auto blocks are far less effective, but you always need a strong defense: compactness in the center and fast defenders on the outside who can also support the offensive.

Virgil van Dijk – 89 OVR

Liverpool FC had to accept some downgrades – including defense chief van Dijk. From 90 it goes down to 89. But anyone who has defended with him knows: The Dutchman always wins. And fouls never do. Van Dijk is also the defender in FIFA 22 who apparently always gets the ball when you press the tackle button. With 91 defending, perhaps not entirely surprising.

Virgil van Dijk Liverpool beste Spieler FIFA 22
Press the tackle button – van Dijk will do the rest | ©

Raphael Varane – 86 OVR

The only drawback to van Dijk is his pace. So, Raphael Varane from Manchester United is actually better suited for the Ultimate Team. His gold card was actually the most played card in FUT 21. Thanks to his 82 pace, he is once again meta in FIFA 22 and can only be missing in very few defenses. He's also tall – very important to defend corners.

Varane beste Spieler FIFA 22
High pace is what you want for CBs | ©

Theo Hernandez – 84 OVR

The French from Serie A can be linked very easily in hybrid teams. This is probably one of the reasons why Hernandez is one of the most played players in the FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. With his high speed, he is simply a perfect left-back. Thanks to his very fair price, you can find him in so many FUT squads. Only Ferland Mendy from Real Madrid can keep up with him.

Theo Hernandez beste Verteidiger FIFA 22jpg
93 Pace, Nation and League: Hernandez is very popular in FIFA 22 | ©

Best Midfielders in FIFA 22

Let's take a look at midfield. Sure, you want to have the best players here too. The midfield combines both defensive and offensive – in the best-case scenario, you conquer the ball here in your own penalty area before it gets tricky and bring it into the opposing half to build up pressure yourself.

From stable sweepers to creative playmakers: Here are the best midfield players in FIFA 22.

N'Golo Kanté – 90 OVR

Champions League winner Kanté from Chelsea is the first man from the Premier League. When it comes to challenges, he's cheat – just like van Dijk. Be close to the opponent who has the ball, and you will get it. He is neither a dribble king nor a miracle in passing and certainly not a goalscorer. But there is no better man in front of your defenders than the French.

Kante beste Spieler FIFA 22
The 2018 World Champion is the best CDM in FIFA | ©

Leon Goretzka – 87 OVR

The best engine for your midfield is neither Paul Pogba nor Kevin de Bruyne (at least not in FIFA), but Bayern Munich's Leon Goretzka. The German national player is part of the Gullit gang, which means: No stat is worse than 80. This is really extremely rare for a gold card and, above all, shows that he has no weaknesses.

Goretzka beste Spieler FIFA 22
Goretzka has no rating below 80: Outstanding! | ©

Heung Min Son – 89 OVR

Just hard to believe that the South Korean was once in Hamburg, right? So, no front, but while his former club HSV fell to second league, Son became a world-class player at Tottenham in the Premier League. He's such a weapon on the wings, only the one missing skill star could be called a "weakness". Incidentally, a cheaper alternative for Ultimate Team is Rashford. The Englishman only has 3 stars with weak foot. In direct comparison, Son is the much more effective striker.

Beste FIFA 22 Spieler Mittelfeld
Prime example of a meta-winger | ©

Best Strikers in FIFA 22

The part of the team that should make you cheer. If you want to win games, you need ice-cold strikers up front, because thanks to the outstanding goalkeepers (now a bit nerfed), it is much more difficult to score in FIFA 22 than in previous years.

To keep you from despair, we tell you who the best clippers are and who you can almost blindly rely on.

Cristiano Ronaldo – 91 OVR

The Portuguese loses one point in the overall rating and leaves Juventus Turin (sorry, Piemonte Calcio) – but he hardly cares. The returnee does exactly what is expected of him at Manchester United: scoring goals. Although the pace is now lacking thanks to his 36 years, his shots are still out of this world. If you are in a reasonably good position with him, then go for it and get ready for "Sííííííííííü".

Ronaldo beste Stürmer FIFA 22
CR7 will forever be unstoppable, huh? | ©

Lionel Messi – 93 OVR

Messi, Messi, Messi: his move was the hot topic this summer. After more than 21 years at FC Barcelona, ​​it was time to say goodbye to Messi in the kit of the Blaugrana. At Paris Saint-Germain, he was the culmination of an Ultimate Team in real life. Messi has already proven his outstanding moves. When FIFA 22 released, he was by far the best player thanks to finesse long shots. Even after the first patches, he is still outstanding. Because of the lack of pace, you'd better use him centrally. Mohamed Salah can still be mentioned as a winger - nevertheless, Messi is still a different league than the Egyptian king.

Aren't you also glad that we are living in an era in which Messi and Ronaldo are fighting an "eternal duel"? We do! The two are just in a league of their own.

Beste Spieler FIFA 22
Who wouldn't want a Messi in their team? | ©

Kylian Mbappé – 91 OVR

The French wonderkid is the best player in FIFA 22. As soon as you can somehow afford him in Ultimate Team, buy him. Absolute no-brainer. He is the fastest player, has great shooting stats and knows every skill that is available in FIFA. With him, you will score goals, there is no doubt about that. His standard gold card is OP. You have to say that.

Beste Spieler FIFA 22 Stürmer Mbappe
Mbappé is THE meta player in FIFA 22 | ©

We have deliberately omitted the icons in FIFA 22 for the best players, as they are actually the best players, but they also count as special cards and are often much too expensive to recommend. In addition, they are only relevant in FUT – but you can also play with icons in kick-off mode.

Best Young Players in FIFA 22

And what would such a list be without going back to the FIFA 22 wonderkids. Young players who are already outstanding for their age and who have excellent skills. We have already praised Musiala, and you will find the best FIFA 22 talents here. Nonetheless, we wanted to show you one specific one.

Ansu Fati

Anssumane Fati (that's the full name of Barcas new Messi) is more likely to be under the Super Sub category for Ultimate Team. With 88 pace, he can already be used now, but he is especially popular in career mode. His contract in FIFA 22 expires at the end of the season, so you can get him relatively cheap. In real life, he has already extended it and has a crazy release clause in his contract. His potential knows no limits if you get him in your career: Have fun with someone who will soon be one of the best in the world.

Fati beste junge Spieler FIFA 22
Ansu Fati is cheap and fun | ©

Phil Foden, Kai Havertz and Pedri should also be mentioned here. The young talents could get really nice in FIFA with special cards such as Informs. We also hope for one or the other great Future Stars card.