FIFA 22 Career Mode Review

FIFA 22 is here, and we checked out the Career Mode. After Ultimate Team, Career Mode is still one of the most popular modes in FIFA. What is old, what is new, and how does it feel to create your own club? We'll tell you everything about the FIFA 22 Career Mode.
FIFA 22 Career Mode
What's the Career Mode in FIFA 22 like? | © EA SPORTS

The FIFA career mode. Some just don't understand the enthusiasm for it. But you can develop Jamal Musiala or Karim Adeyemi into world-class players only in Career Mode. You can only build up a crashed team into permanent guests of the Champions League in Career Mode. If you don't like that, you should just keep sweating in Ultimate Team.

In the first review of FIFA 22, we said: A new year, a new FIFA. Many changes are not to be found - despite the next-gen version. And you can say the same about the Career Mode.

Create a Club Is The Biggest Change

All menus are exactly the same. You have to ask yourself: What's going on, EA? Except for a few new features, such as new statistics, there is nothing really new. For people who have already had enough of their careers in FIFA 21, this is not only disappointing, but simply diminishes the desire for FIFA. Why should you do exactly the same thing as last year?

After all, the squads are of course up to date - but the Career Mode could have simply come as a season update. There is only one ray of hope: Create your own Club.

It's actually a lot of fun, too. Everything is adjustable. From the team’s name to your rivalry club to the coat of arms, jerseys and stadium. You can really adjust anything you like and spend hours before you even start your Career.

Once you have put together your team and given the randomly created players the average age and strength, you can also adjust the target of the board of directors. So, whether you prefer to start as a poor chaos club or as a mega-rich world club (1 billion transfer budget is max) is up to you.

After that, your own club has the same problem as any career: It quickly becomes monotonous – at least if you've played the FIFA 21 Career Mode a lot.

FIFA 22 Karrieremodus
Something new: You can see how many goals Mbappé scored. Wow. | © EA SPORTS

FIFA 22 Career Mode Conclusion

So: What the F*ck, EA? You're releasing an all in all solid new FIFA on next-gen and all that stuff, just to tell us career fans: "Yeah, the only new feature was there in FIFA 13 before, you don't remember anyway, do you? Here, enjoy the new Career Mode."

Disappointing. And don't get us wrong: We've spent several hours in Career Mode this year, but with a fresher presentation and a little more innovation, the trip with your own club would simply make you even more excited. Kinda sad.

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