FIFA 23 Corner Guide: How To Score

Scoring a goal after a corner in FIFA 23? It's not that difficult. Here's the ultimate corner tutorial for you!

Corner Guide FIFA 23
Corner guide in FIFA 23. | © EarlyGame / EA Sports

In FIFA 22, corners were incredibly easy. And they sort of still are, although they're different now, because as you might know physically stronger players are currently world-class. For corners, this means that you can rely more on crossing and headers.

In this guide, we're going to explain how you can easily score corners. We have a few simple tips and tricks for you, so let's begin!

Corner Tutorial for FIFA 23

FIFA 23 Corner Tactics: Curve The Ball

There are two different tactics. We will of course introduce them to you. So let's start with the first and supposedly best one. It's really uncomplicated. First, you should select a right-footed player when kicking from the right side, and a left-footed player when kicking from the left. The advantage is that the ball comes into the penalty area with a good curve that turns away from the goalkeeper.

You need to steer relatively far to the right (in the case of a corner from the right side), so that the ball comes between the five-meter space and the penalty spot. Then you steer with the right stick to the far right, so you set how much curve should be on the ball. And then you hit the corner with shot power. The whole thing is illustrated well here for you:

In any case, use a right foot from the right side and a left foot for the left side. Practice the whole process a few times, and you should be destroying your opponents with these tactics in the Weekend League.

FIFA 23 Corner Tactics: Pass

Another tactic for corners in FIFA 23 is to just pass the ball. If you take a look at tactics and instructions before the match, and you can see that a player is near the box, i.e. stands about 16 meters from the goal, you can play this tactic perfectly.

So pass the corner to the upcoming player (R1), then pass to the player who stands roughly at the corner of the box and then hit the ball into the goal. Important: L2 shots are the meta in FIFA 23, so you should shoot with L2 and use a lot of shot power. L2 shots are particularly strong when you have the right player near the box.

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