FIFA 23 Penalty Guide: How To Score Every Time

Did you miss a penalty in the FIFA 23 Weekend League and the ball just wouldn't go past the goalkeeper? Then we have the solution for you in this guide: We explain how you can become unbeatable from the penalty spot.

FIFA 23 Penalty Guide
FIFA 23 penalty guide. | © EA Sports / EarlyGame

You're in the Weekend League on penalties and you can still move up a rank if you win. Then you miss the decisive penalty. Frustration, sadness, broken controller. These are situations that you no longer have to experience after reading this guide. We'll show you how to score every penalty. Let's go!

Penalty Tutorial For FIFA 23: How To Score From The Penalty Spot

Penalties have actually become even easier in FIFA 23 compared to FIFA 22. Instead of having to shoot perfectly into the corner with a circle, this year you just have to find the right moment before the shot – it is then almost impossible to miss the goal.

Let's take a look at the guide: You will see the circle around the ball getting bigger and smaller (the color changes from red to green). The aim is for you to click at the moment when the circle is particularly small (green). Since the circle changes the size quite quickly, our tip: click the shooting button a little earlier, so there is a higher probability that you will catch the perfect moment.

So how do you manage to score, then? That's very easy: aim neatly into the corner, preferably into the top corner of the goal. You don't have to be too sensitive on the controller here, because the penalties in FIFA 23 rarely go wrong.

At first, you might think: "OMG, I can't see where I'm shooting without a circle!". But after one or two penalties you will get a feeling for how easy it is to perfectly aim for the corner.

FIFA 23 Penalty Guide: Chip Is No Longer Meta After The Second Patch

You're usually particularly badass when you manage to chip the penalty into the corner. Due to the second title update in FIFA 23, however, this is no longer meta, which is why we advise you to hit the ball between the posts as normal.

And remember: Hit the green circle and then shoot in the corner with a good amount of force. Then you'll have a perfect Weekend League.

FIFA 23 Guide: What's The Best Way To Save Penalties?

Of course, the question still remains, how do you save the penalty kicks in FIFA 23 in the best possible way? Even we here at EarlyGame have to take a deep breath and say: Difficult question. In recent years it has sometimes been possible to see from the player's eyes which corner he wants to shoot into. Unfortunately, in FIFA 23 this is no longer really possible.

So it's just a matter of luck here. But of course: A good goalkeeper is very important and increases the probability that, if you are in the right corner, you will save the penalty. Weaker keepers are often too lost in FIFA so that they let the ball in even when they're close. But maybe that's just momentum.

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