FIFA 23 Global Series: How You Can Get FGS Rewards For Free

The FIFA 23 Global Series is an esports series in which everyone can participate and start his journey to potentially become the new FIFAe World Champion. If you don't play for the big cash prizes, you can at least get some free in-game rewards for FUT.

FIFA 23 Global Series
In the FIFA 23 Global Series you can get some juicy rewards for free! | © EA Sports

EA Sports obviously wants to promote their own events, especially the FIFA Global Series, to become an even bigger player in the esports world. They came up with a way to promote the events and to reward you for supporting them. Here's everything you need to know about which rewards are available right now. We also show you all upcoming events and live streams where you can earn tokens.

How You Can Get FGS Rewards

The FIFA Global Series is always livestreamed on EA Sport's Twitch channel. If you watch the events, you can earn one token for every livestream. Here's a quick checklist on what you have to do to claim these tokens.

  1. Link your Twitch account with your EA Account
  2. Watch at least 60 minutes of an EA Sports FGS event
  3. Claim the rewards on Twitch
  4. You will receive the token in the next 24 hours when you log into FIFA
  5. Trade these tokens for your preferred rewards

By the way, unlike the Twitch Prime Gaming Rewards, you can also get them for free if you have Amazon Prime, you don't need a Twitch Prime account. You can simply use your free Twitch account for watching the livestreams.

Upcoming Events & Livestreams

EA's FGS Events schedule is almost as busy as it is for footballers in real life. The EA Sports Cup is currently running, in which 20 of the best teams compete against each other in a tournament mode. You can watch the live streams and earn tokens for FUT on the following dates (bolded events have already taken place):

Matchday 1October 17
Matchday 2October 24
Matchday 3October 31
Matchday 4November 7.
Matchday 5November 14
Matchday 6November 21
Matchday 7November 28
Matchday 8December 5
Quarter FinalsJanuary 16
Semi FinalsJanuary 18
FinalsJanuary 21

The game days always take place on Mondays and start at 6 p.m. UK time (11 a.m PT). You can of course follow the 2v2 action live either on Twitch or on YouTube. EA Sports has not yet revealed the exact start times for the events in the new year.

Click me for a FIFA 23 FGS deep dive! | © EA Sports

FGS Rewards

EA Sports has released four SBCs in which you can submit your FGS Tokens. These SBCs are repeatable and will stay live for the whole season, which means you could get multiple big rewards. Here are the four rewards you can get:

Required TokensFGS Rewards

Premium Gold Pack


Premium Gold Players Pack

3Prime Gold Players Pack
4Jumbo Rare Players Pack

In our opinion, you should definitely wait and save your tokens for the 100k pack unless you don't have enough tokens lying around and there are no more tokens you can earn.

FGS Challenge 4 SBC

To get in the best mood for the Global Series, EA has released yet another FGS Challenge SBC where you can get a pretty good pack for just a few coins. A Small Prime Gold Players Pack can be earned with as little as 4-5K coins.

Here's a pretty cheap solution if you already have a few of these players in your club:

FIFA 23 FGS Challenge 4 SBC
Exchange non-rare players for some pretty exciting packs. | © FUTBIN

Player Tokens List

Here, we'll list every FGS Token for you as soon as they're announced.

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