Jamal Musiala: How Strong Is The Super Talent In FIFA 22?

Jamal Musiala from FC Bayern Munich is part of FIFA 22 for the first time. In the very first year, the super talent got a gold card. But how good is the 18-year-old in FIFA 22?
Musiala FC Bayern FIFA 22 FUT Karrieremodus
A gift from God...? | DFB

The rising star has earned four scorer points for FC Bayern this season, and everyone's falling for him. This is Jamal Musiala. But are his FIFA 22 performances as strong as his actual performances on the pitch? We took a close look at the German for each mode ...

Jamal Musiala: How Good Is The Supertalent In FIFA 22?

Musiala has a 75 rating in FIFA 22. That's pretty solid to start, but let's take a look at kick-off mode and the online seasons. You have to admit that the youngster is not quite suitable for the starting XI just yet.

Of course, he can always improve in kick-off mode through strong real-life performances (which means you always have to have roster updates on or be connected to the EA servers), but more than an 80 OVR would not be possible.

FIFA 22 Musiala Stats
You can only like Bambi. | FUTBIN

Musiala In FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

So what do we give him credit for in FUT? You see his normal card - it's not crazy. For now. But we believe that Musiala will get great special cards over the course of the year. A Future Star card is a must!

And it'll be so nice that we can guarantee you'll see Bambi in many Ultimate Teams.

Musiala In FIFA 22 Career Mode

Now this is more like it. Musiala and career mode - a dream. This is really the mode where Musiala is one of the best players we've ever had in fact.

No Messi, no Neymar and no Moukoko can keep up. The man from Munich has a huge potential of 88, he's just 18 years old and, thanks to his 75 rating with a market value of 17.5 million, is not too overpriced. It doesn't get much better than that.

Regardless of which club you start career mode with, sit down at the negotiating table with Musiala's advisor. The boy will really enrich every team and, thanks to his dynamic potential, should develop into a world-class man with 90 OVR. This is not a purchase recommendation, but an obligation to buy!

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