FIFA 22 Career Mode Transfer Budgets: Man City with more than 180 Million Pounds!

Career mode is the most popular game mode in FIFA after Ultimate Team. In FIFA 22 there are new features, you can create your own club for example. If you want to lead a club to glory in the classic way, though, you should know how much transfer budget each club has in FIFA 22.

FIFA 22 Career Mode Tranfer Budgets
Which Team has the highest transfer budget? I guess you already know... | © EarlyGame

Before we dive into the sometimes absurd transfer sums, you should make sure that you have really checked out all the new features for the FIFA 22 career mode.

FIFA 22 Career Mode: Transfer Budgets

Because there are surely some new players who want to play the FIFA 22 Career Mode, we can explain the principle of the transfer budget to you, and why the following list is only valid for the start of the career.

FIFA 22 Career Mode: This Is How The Transfer Budget Is Created

At the start of a new career, the teams always have a prescribed transfer budget. The budget is based on realism - at least that's the idea behind it – but you will see an example soon where EA has miscalculated a bit. So: The richer the club is in reality, the more money it has in the FIFA 22 career, and who would have thought it? The richest teams can be found in the Premier League, of course. The sheikh club Paris Saint-Germain is also at the top.

FIFA 22 Career Transfer Budgets: Man City with more than 180 Million Pounds!

We have listed the teams with the highest transfer budgets. For detailed figures from the lower leagues, we will keep you up to date in future articles!


ClubTransfer Budget
Premier League

Manchester City

184 432 000 Mio. £
Premier LeagueManchester United163 630 000 Mio. £
Ligue 1Paris Saint-Germain137 610 000 Mio. £
La LigaReal Madrid129 030 000 Mio. £
Premier LeagueLiverpool FC
115 838 000 Mio. £
La Liga
Barcelona FC
111 833 000 Mio. £
Premier League
Chelsea FC
100 815 000 Mio. £
BundesligaBayern München FC
99 021 000 Mio. £
Serie A
Juventus Turin (Piemonte Calcio)
88 988 000 Mio. £
Serie A
Inter Mailand
85 691 000 Mio. £
Premier League
Arsenal FC
78 433 000 Mio. £
Premier League
Tottenham Hotspurs
65 630 000 Mio. £
BundesligaHertha BSC
61 894 000 Mio. £
BundesligaRB Leipzig
59 179 000 Mio. £
La Liga
Atletico Madrid
58 975 000 Mio. £
BundesligaBorussia Dortmund
54 299 000 Mio. £

FIFA 22 Transfer Budgets: Why Is Hertha BSC That Rich?

As you probably already noticed, some clubs have a rather unrealistically high transfer budget. First of all, FC Barcelona is given too much money in FIFA 22. As we all know, the Catalans couldn't pay the contract of their ex-superstar Lionel Messi. So the 111 million punds budget seems somehow out of place. At the end of the day, though, it's just a game, right? But it would be a nice challenge to start with around 60-70 million though and renovate the catalans.

As you might know, Newcastle United is a new member among the richest clubs in the world. So in the future we might see them here. The reason why Hertha BSC got so much money is Lars Windhorst. The Investor gave the club 315 000 000 £ since 2019. Crazy. And let's put it this way: Not the best investment until now. Maybe you can do a better job with the Berlin club.

If you want to have a look at the transfer budgets of all clubs in FIFA 22 unfiltered, you can do so here.