FIFA 22 Title Update 6: FUT Gets Dark Mode – Kind Of

FIFA 22 Title Update 6 just about released and... well, community complaints about new bugs are piling up by the minute. What did EA screw up this time?

Title Update 6 Fail Header
With EA, it never gets boring! | © EA Sports / EarlyGame

FIFA 22 is – like its predecessors – by no means free of bugs. That's why EA regularly releases new updates to fix the most important issues. But as we know, these changes are not always well received by the community... sometimes the game plays even worse after a patch has dropped. The latter has apparently happened again now. Here you have all the details.

Title Update 6 – Input Lag & FIFA Dark Mode

We are extremely happy to announce that FIFA 22 finally has a Dark Mode! During Weekend League matches at 3am in the morning, the screen was always blinded by the in-game sun, so thanks EA! Have a look at the new "feature" yourself:

Most realistic game ever... from FIFA

Of course, we're just joking – because if you don't try to laugh about it, it's just sad. We're actually amazed that EA always manages to surprise us with new features. And hey, this is not the only case where the bug happened – a few others have already posted this as well.

Furthermore, Title Update 6 seems to have worsened issues with input lags. On the EA forum for "Technical Issues", the posts on this topic have increased significantly since the patch. Players mainly complain about Button Responsiveness, Game Slowness, Temporary Freezing and Catch-Up Lag.

EA Customer Service tries to sweep the issue under the rug, of course. They claim that bugs are mostly being reported by a small selection of the player base. To us, it sounds kind of like: It's not our problem, but yours – bad luck. But hey, if you're experiencing this issue as well, you can have a look at the thread... maybe it actually does help you after all.