FIFA 22: Will Title Update 6 Bring Big Changes?

The next Title Update for FIFA 22 is coming. What will change, what will be patched and fixed, and how will this affect gameplay?
FIFA 22 Title Update 6
What changes are coming with Title Update 6? | © EA Sports / EarlyGame

It's only been two weeks and FIFA 22 is getting another patch – this game must be pretty broken, eh? Just kidding, of course. Title Update 6 is bringing a bunch of changes to FIFA, but what are those? Again, similar to the last patch, the changes sound small on paper. We're getting some adjustments to the gameplay and bug fixes for pretty much every mode. Unfortunately, they can't really fix the broken FUT market...

When Is Title Update Number 5 Coming To FIFA 22?

The update is coming to PC (Origin/Steam) on February 15. As usual, the versions for consoles and Stadia will have to wait a little bit longer. We don't know yet, when exactly that will be the case, but it should only be a couple of days at most.

FIFA 22: What Changes Come With Title Update 6?

A lot of small things. Some bugs and issues will be fixed in FUT and career mode, the gameplay will get one slight change as well. Oh, and VOLTA is getting new party games. Hooray.

If you click through the subsequent Trello card in the tweet, you will see: Title Update 6 has a bunch of changes, but none of them seem really significant. They do address some annoying bugs though, so that's good!

FIFA 22: Multiple Bugfixes With Title Update 6

Across Title Update 6, we see a bunch of smaller issues for various modes being fixed. Nothing too exciting, but some pretty annoying things are finally being addressed. A small selection:

FIFA Ultimate Team

  • If a significantly large amount of Packs was present in the My Packs tab in the FUT Store, only a small amount of Packs would be displayed until the number was reduced.

Career Mode

  • Manager interviews did not always impact Team Morale.
  • The Asian International Cup did not feature the correctly placed team from the Indian Super League.

What Are The Gameplay Changes In Title Update 6?

Only one thing was changed, and that's how tricks work in conjunction with Player Run. Until now, tricks could mess up your run and now a tiny change is set to change that:


  • Stepovers and flicks cannot be performed for 500 milliseconds after initiating a Player Run
    • This change is intended to prevent the aforementioned Skill Moves from clashing with the ability to choose a direction for the requested Player Run.

So there you have it... oh wait, we forgot about VOLTA. Just like EA... another joke. They're adding two new party games to VOLTA. Cool, I guess. Like we said, most of this stuff sounds really minor on paper. But any gameplay change is set to cause controversy in the community, so we expect the same to happen in this case.