FIFA 22: Neymar Might Have Caused Another Market Crash

A popular new Flashback SBC featuring Neymar might have caused another market crash in FIFA 22, as similar cards massively decreased in value.

FIFA 22 Neymar Market Crash
Now is the perfect time to get a Ginola FUT Hero! | © EA Sports/EarlyGame

He's gone and done it... Neymar caused another market crash in FIFA 22. Who else than the golden boy himself? We all know that the economy in FIFA 22 is somewhat... questionable. That's why the market crashed before. And before that too, right after release. So what happened this time, and how is it Neymar's fault? Let's check it out!

Neymar Might Have Caused Another Market Crash In FIFA 22

Of course, it wasn't Neymar himself but one of his cards. More concretely, the new Flashback SBC for Neymar, which has immediately become super popular in the FIFA community. It's a great card, sure, but it's also Neymar. And everyone loves Neymar. Right?

The SBC is not too expensive either, so everyone jumped on it and completed it. So what happened? The obvious thing happened: most cards that were similar to the new Flashback Neymar lost value. And there have been a lot of good ones this season, from several versions of Vinicius Jr. to FUT Hero Ginola. Even standard Neymar: all have gone down in price and are at the cheapest they have been in a long time. The market for good left wingers has effectively crashed – at least that's what it looks like right now.

The Flashback SBC will be available for a couple more weeks, and we expect this trend to continue at least until then. What will happen afterwards? Don't know, we don't have Nostradamus on staff. Maybe one of the future stars cards will skyrocket and conquer the hearts of the community. Maybe the headliners will keep delighting us? Ginola and his fellow heroes could get an upgrade soon though, so he'll surely get another bump in popularity.