FIFA 22 FUT Captains And Hero Upgrades: Team 2 & Mini Release Live

Time and time again, some leaks indicated that we are in for a completely new FUT promo in FIFA 22: The FUT Captains just launched in Ultimate Team. We let you know, how the event works and which players have already been released.
FUT Captains Team 2
Team 2 of the Captains promo. | © EA Sports

FUT Fantasy brought some nice cards to FIFA 22 and the Showdown series provided us with SBCs. Will FUT Captains be the next big event for Ultimate Team?

The "professional" leaker FUTSheriff had repeatedly announced that we would see the FUT Captains promo soon. Now we finally know that the FUTSheriff is always right – the FUT Captains promo just released for FIFA 22!

What Are FUT Captains in FIFA 22?

The Captains bring improvements for the heroes as well as a new promo team. Heroes were the biggest change and lineup of new cards when FIFA 22 released. A total of 19 heroes from different leagues were brought into the game as special cards. The best thing about it? Bundesliga-Hero Mario Gomez, for example, has a green link with all other Bundesliga players.

In this, the Heroes differ, for example, from the popular icons, which automatically have a normal link to each player. With the Heroes, completely new possibilities for team building were opened up – and having more options is always nice! Unfortunately, though, the Heroes have dropped off in strength over the course of the FIFA year... the FUT Captains promo aims to change that and make some of the Heroes playable again!

When Is The FUT Captains Release Date?

The promo started on Friday, April 8th. As always, the players were released at 5pm UTC.

How Will The Upgrades For FUT Heroes And Captains Work?

The FUT Captains event features one-time upgrades for Hero cards and Teams of new FUT Captains. Unlike Headliners or OTW players, they are not dynamic and will not be upgraded on an ongoing basis.

Furthermore, they are also supposed to be released for a limited time only, so after the promo, they disappear from the packs again and only the previous Heroes can be drawn. If that's true, that wouldn't be that great, really. Would be cooler to be able to pull the stronger versions of the heroes permanently as rewards. Come on, EA, throw us a bone here...

FUT Heroes And Captains Card Design

To be honest, there were definitely more beautiful card design in the course of FIFA 22. The C in the background stands for Captain – but EA could have easily come up with fancier cards with a captain's armband or something. Just saying...

FIFA 22 FUT Captains Kartendesign
FUT Captains Cards in FIFA 22. | © EA Sports / CriminalFIFA/FUTSheriff via Twitter

Which FUT Heroes Are Worth Getting?

While they were quite hyped by the community in the beginning, it quickly became apparent that many of the FUT Heroes have no long-term place in the best teams. The reasons? There are several:

  1. Some heroes (like Al Jaber) are held back by their league, making links difficult
  2. Some Heroes have terrible Stats
  3. After the transfer market crashed, there were cheaper and better alternatives

In the end, there were only a handful of Heroes left to get really excited about in FIFA 22. David Ginola is probably by far the best Hero in Ultimate Team. His price was over 800K Coins for a long time. Besides that you can only find Abedi Pelé, Antonio Di Natale or Iván Córdoba in some teams – the rest is almost never played and doesn't cost anything anymore. Will this change with the upgrades?

FIFA 22 – All FUT Hero Upgrades

We made the effort and collected all Heroes in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team for you – and – we will upgrade their ratings when the FUT Captains are live.




  • Jorge Campos
  • Jerzy Dudek
  • 87
  • 86


  • Jürgen Kohler
  • Iván Córdoba
  • 89
  • 87
  • 92 (CB)


  • Freddie Ljungberg
  • 86
  • 92 (LM)


  • Abedi Pelé
  • Joe Cole
  • Alexander Wladimirowitsch Mostovoi
  • Lars Ricken
  • 89
  • 87
  • 86
  • 85
  • 94 (ZOM)
  • 92 (RF)


  • David Ginola
  • 89


  • Clint Dempsey
  • Tim Cahill
  • Robbie Keane
  • Ole Gunnar Solksjær
  • Sami Al Jaber
  • Antonio Di Natale
  • Fernando Morientes
  • Mario Gomez
  • Diego Milito
  • 85
  • 85
  • 86
  • 86
  • 86
  • 88
  • 89
  • 88
  • 88
  • 91 (CAM)
  • 91 (ST)
  • 92 (ST)

  • 93 (ST)

  • 93 (ST)
  • 93 (ST new League)

FIFA 22 FUT Captains: All Players

In addition to the Hero upgrades, we also get new players in the FUT Captains promo. Here you can find all FUT Captains in FIFA 22.

LBMarceloReal Madrid94
CFMarco ReusBorussia Dortmund
STAlexandre LacazetteArsenal FC93
CDMJordan HendersonLiverpool FC93
RMJoaqin (SBC)Real Betis Sevilla92
STFabio QuagliarellaSampdoria Genua92
GKHugo LlorisTottenham Hotspur92
CDMSergio BusquetsFC Barcelona92
STWissam Ben YedderAS Monaco92
LWLorenzo InsigneSSC Napoli
CDMFernandinho (SBC)Manchester City92
CBGiorgio Chiellini (SBC)Juve / Piemonte Calcio92
CMKokeAtlético Madrid91
CBJosé FonteOSC Lille91
GKSamir HandanovicInter Milan90
CMJames Ward-ProwseSouthampton FC90
CAMDimitri PayetOM90
CBTyrone MingsAston Villa90
CAMLars Stindl (Obj.)Borussia Mönchengladbach89
CAMIker MunianAthletic Bilbao89
CMMark NobleWest Ham United
CAMLorenzo PellegriniAS Roma89
LWDusan TadicAjax Amsterdam89
CBPepe (SBC)FC Porto89
LBChristian GünterSC Freiburg
CBLiam CooperLeeds United88
CDMFabien Lemoine (Obj.)Lorient88
RBSéamus ColemanEverton88
RWBChristopher TrimmelUnion Berlin88
CBDedryck BoyataHertha BSC88
RBLéo DuboisOlympique Lyon87
CDMJonas Hector1. FC Köln87
STBilly Sharp (Obj.)Sheffield United74
FUT Captains Team 2
Team 2 > Team 1, am I right? | © EA Sports

The event will continue until April 22. FUT Captains are fitting nicely in the FUT calendar. After all, that's when the Team of the Season is about to begin – which is already confirmed. But we wouldn't be EarlyGame if we didn't provide you with FIFA 22 TOTS predictions already.