Current TOTW Upgrade SBC: Mbappé Inform For 15k?

The next TOTW Upgrade has arrived in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. Is the SBC worth it? Or should you keep the pack and wait for a better Team of the Week? We'll tell you!
Mbappe inform sbc totw upgrade fut
The TOTW-Pack look good... but is the SBC worth it? | © EA Sports

Like every week, we're getting new SBCs in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. And in addition to all the events we've had so far, such as the Adidas NumbersUp or the Rulebreakers, we're getting another challenge with special cards this week. We'll show you here how you can complete the current TOTW Upgrade SBC and whether it's even worth it.

Current TOTW Upgrade SBC Ratings

To be honest ... Mbappé Inform is just sick. In general, Upgrade SBCs such as the FUT Hero Upgrade or the TOTS Packs are extremely popular with the FIFA community year after year. But is the TOTW Upgrade worth it for every FIFA player? We wouldn't go that far, but some of you will want to complete the challenge.

How many coins do you have to spend in total for the SBC? You may be asking, well, here's an overview:

TeamPrice RangeRewards
Current TOTW Upgrade14KCurrent TOTW-Pack (Untradeable)

Is The Current TOTW Upgrade SBC Worth It In Fifa 22?

Same question every week: Should I complete the SBC or not? We wouldn't recommend this challenge. The pack is untradeable, and the current TOTW is pretty untradable. But as FUTBIN remind us, we can "Open it now or save it for later", when it comes to the new Team of the Week. That's why the SBC could be worth it.

Pros - Current TOTW Upgrade SBC
Cons - Current TOTW Upgrade SBC
  • Not too expensive
  • Hope for Mbappé
  • Keep the pack for a better TOTW
  • Current TOTW too weak
  • Pack is untradeable
  • You need Packluck to make it really worth it

Current TOTW Upgrade-SBC Cheapest Solution & Rewards

What's the cheapest way to complete the TOTW Upgrade SBC? The challenge is tough! But of course, even with normal SBCs, you should know how to complete them in the cheapest way. So let's take a look at the team that you have to buy for the Current TOTW Upgrade:

Current TOTW Upgrade SBC Cheapest Solution [Current TOTW-Pack]

Fifa totw upgrade
14K – that's fair! | © FUTBIN

Team 1 SBC Requirements

  • min. 83 OVR
  • min. 50 chemistry
14.200 Coins14.500 Coins14.700 Coins

Nothing too painful for regular players.