Why Inter Milan Will Not Be In FIFA 23

FIFA loses yet another license to Konami. eFootball snatches the exclusive rights for Inter Milan. Here's what that means for the Nerazzurri in FIFA 23.

Inter Mailand FIFA 23
Inter partners up with Konami. | © EA Sports / EarlyGame

Well, well, Serie A and EA Sports have not exactly been the best of friends in the past couple of years. They lost the licenses for numerous stadiums, crests and kits of some Italian first division teams – at least it seems that Juventus will celebrate its comeback in FIFA 23. That's because their exclusive partnership with Konami recently came to an end.

However, eFootball directly strengthens itself with another Italian heavyweight... Inter. A few days ago, the Japanese developer announced a "long-term" partnership between both parties. Does this mean we will miss yet another club in FIFA?

Will Inter Be In FIFA 23?

No, while FIFA players can look forward to the return of Juventus, we have to say goodbye to Inter at the same time. Despite EA Sports announcing the following in a marketing partnership update a few weeks ago:

As of July 1, 2022 our exclusive marketing partnership with Inter Milan will come to an end. Our in-game licensing agreement with Inter Milan still remains and your gameplay experience will not change. Inter Milan’s crest, identity, stadium and player names & likeness, etc. will remain, and will be featured within EA SPORTS™ FIFA and into EA SPORTS™ FC, playable in all of the same ways as before.

But the Canadian developer and publisher didn't have the Japanese eFootball competition in mind. They have now taken the opportunity and signed a long-term cooperation with the Italian giant. By the way, FC Bayern has also recently extended its platinum partnership with Konami...

Inter In FIFA – Crest, Stadium And Kits

So what does that mean exactly? Well, if we have learned anything from the past, Inter Milan will get a fresh name, a new crest and self-made kits in FIFA 23. So Inter will become Milan FC or Calcio Inter, for example – EA Sports isn't that creative with the names.

In addition, there are also some changes in real life. During the upcoming season, the logo of the eFootball series will appear on Inter Milan's pre-match and training kits. Similarly, the youth academy will be temporarily renamed the 'Konami Youth Development Centre in Memory of Giacinto Facchetti'. This doesn't change anything about the FIFA gameplay, but it's good to know.

Will Inter Return To EA Sports FC?

We can't answer this question for sure right now. In FIFA 24... called EA Sports FC a lot of different things are definitely going to change. And the contract between Inter Milan and Konami runs only for the 2022/23 season – so anything's possible, right?

However, it is quite likely that the two parties will cooperate beyond that. The club has already announced on its website that the eFootball logo will also be visible after the current season. We don't really need to tell you, but this is already enough evidence pointing towards a longer-term partnership.

By the way, when was the last time that Serie A was fully licensed in FIFA? It must have been a few years ago and will probably not happen again in the near future. FIFA 23 will most likely come with some brand-new features – but it will also lose another fan favorite in Inter Milan.