First Gameplay for FIFA 22 revealed

FIFA 22 Gameplay
First. FIFA 22. Gameplay. Hype! | © EA Sports

The first gameplay of FIFA 22 is here! The newest part of the FIFA series will appear on October 1st, but EA gave us a first look at the game yesterday. In order to really exploit the possibilities of the game, two professionals were allowed to take over control. FIFA esports players Tekkz and Tom faced each other in the first official match in FIFA 22. You can read here the details about the first FIFA 22 gameplay!

Finally! It's finally here! How long have we been waiting for this? After all the leaks and rumors in the past few weeks, we finally have the first FIFA 22 gameplay. We're just as hyped as you are, that's why we don't waste time talking and jump straight into the most important details about FIFA 22!

Hypermotion, hypermotion, hypermotion. Somehow we couldn't get rid of the feeling that EA was resting too much on the new Hypermotion feature and that FIFA 22 wouldn't offer anything new besides more realistic animations. Yesterday, the game was put to the test for the first time after its beta phase in mid-August. And what should we say but: Hypermotion! The movements of the players looked more realistic than ever, the animations were really fluid.

In addition to the animations, there are of course other subtle changes in the gameplay, which were discussed in more detail after the match between the two pros Tekkz from Fnatic and Tom from Hashtag United. The expertise of the two was a great asset for the community, a better insight before the release of FIFA 22 could hardly have been wished for. But see for yourself!

First FIFA 22 Gameplay

Of course, the images from the stream are difficult to put into words. That's why we have provided the video with the match and the subsequent discussion for you here:

FIFA 22: That makes the new gameplay better

Of course, the focus was on hypermotion with its new animations. As Tekkz and Tom confirmed after the match, the new feature leads to a higher level of realism in the game. The ball animations were also highlighted, the game device should behave much more naturally.

As was already mentioned, during the beta phase, the level of the goalies was very high. After the first impressions last night, the upgrade for the goalies was definitely intended. But no reason to cry: The finesse shot is pretty OP! Goals will be assured!

What we also noticed was the clever defensive behavior of the AI. As EA Sports had already announced, the back team in FIFA 22 should act more independently. That was definitely evident in the first few minutes of gameplay.

Tekkz and Tom have got everything out of FIFA 22, but how the gameplay feels for us normal people can't be estimated yet. But the event was the perfect opportunity to get a first impression of FIFA 22.

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