How To Pack A Future Star In FIFA 23

The pack weight was bad for Team of the Year, there were very few who packed a TOTY or a TOTY Icon. Is the same true for the Future Stars? We explain to you how you have the best chance of pulling a Future Star out of the Packs!

FIFA 23 how to pack future star
How to pack a Future Star in FIFA 23! | © EG / EA

The Future Stars are the next promo in FIFA 23 and you always have the hope that you will get a really valuable player out of the packs. With the Team of the Year, that was definitely not the case for us, and that's exactly why it should go better with the Future Stars. We've got some tips and tricks to help you pack a Future Star!

There is one thing that is always important when opening packs: pack luck. Unfortunately, nothing works in Ultimate Team without it. You can challenge the pack luck a lot more by buying FIFA Points with real money, but we don't want that at all. We want to play for or earn the packs, but never open them with FIFA Points.

FIFA 23: How To Pack A Future Star

For the Team of the Year we recommended you save up all your packs from the rewards. For the Future Stars it's different now, because everyone has already opened all their packs. But there are many ways to earn packs or get them through Squad Building Challenges. At this point it should also be said that (with the exception of one pack) we cannot guarantee that you will get a Future Star.

Packing A Future Star In FIFA 23: How To Do It

Currently, there are many objectives and milestones in FIFA Ultimate Team which you can complete. For example, the Homegrown Eleven Cup, for which there are even two Future Stars Swap Tokens. For the completion you not only get packs, but also XP for the Season Pass, which in turn guarantees you more packs. You may not necessarily want to hear it, but unfortunately nothing works here without a grind. But the grind is also rewarded.

Next, you should complete the FUT Draft Token SBC every day, for which you have to trade in an 82 OVR team. You should have enough fodder in your club to unlock a lot of Draft Tokens. In the FUT Draft, you get better and better packs when you win, so the chance of getting a Future Star is constantly increasing. What's even better is that for completed FUT Draft games and wins, you complete milestones that give you even MORE good packs as well.

And then there's a one hundred percent chance of packing a Future Star: From Swap Rewards. Yes, maybe it's a bit cheap, but for only 3 tokens you get a Future Star from Team 1. But it's even better: For 15 tokens you get an 87+ player pick from Centurions, Winter Wildcard or Future Stars Team 1. So there you have guaranteed Future Stars.

The 2x 85+ 10x packs for 25 tokens seem to be the best value from the Swap Rewards, but whether you'll get a Future Star is not guaranteed.

These are the best possibilities to pack a Future Star without investing FIFA-Points. We wish you a lot of fun with the grind and good luck with the packs. Feel free to write in the comments if you have packed a Future Star.

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