Julian Draxler Moments SBC: Cheapest Solution & Rewards

You want to complete the Draxler Moments SBC? We'll show you the cheapest solution for the CAM of Paris Saint-Germain.
Julian Draxler M Oments SBC
What's so special about Draxler Moments? | © EA Sports/EarlyGame

In FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, we get one event after another. With the Adidas NumbersUp Event, EA Sports has once again brought new special cards into the game, which should mix up Ultimate Team properly. After Lorenzo Insigne and Marco Asensio, Julian Draxler, a German player, is now available as NumbersUp SBC.

Julian Draxler POTM SBC Ratings

Next to Lionel Messi, Kylian Mbappé, Angel di Maria and Neymar, Julian Draxler certainly doesn't have it easy at Paris Saint-Germain. Nevertheless, the German international can always provide some highlights in his few appearances. In FIFA 22, his gold card is pretty weak. No pace, no shooting... Not exactly the best conditions for a CAM.

Julian Draxler got a sick upgrade with his Player Moments SBC. So far, the NumbersUp event has convinced us, the SBCs are impressive. If you look at his stats, you will notice that Draxler is worth the 240,000 coins.

LeagueLigue 1
TeamParis Saint-Germain
Priceca. 240,000 Coins






Really tasty stats. You can rely on Moments Draxler in your midfield with these ratings. His defending is also okay. Maybe even the perfect super sub for you?

Julian Draxler Moments SBC FIFA 22
Could Daxler have made his breakthrough anywhere else? | © Futbin

Is The Julian Draxler Moments SBC Worth It In FIFA 22?

It depends on who you already have. If you've decided on the Bundesliga POTM SBC in the last few days, then probably not. Christopher Nkunku is relatively similar concerning the ratings. The advantage of Draxler is – a crispy 5 star weak foot. You don't see that often with special cards.

Pro Moments Draxler SBC
Contra Moments Draxler SBC
  • Fair price
  • Pretty decent stats
  • 5 stars Weak Foot, 4 stars Skills
  • Shooting could be even better
  • Weak physicality

POTM Draxler SBC Cheapest Solution & Rewards

What is the cheapest way to complete the Draxler SBC? If we show you the cheapest solution, that means: This card is a real banger! But of course, even with average cards, you should know how to complete them in the cheapest way. So let's take a look at the teams that you have to send in for Draxler:

240,000 coins250,000 coins

260,000 coins

POTM Draxler Team 1 SBC Cheapest Solution & Rewards

Julian Draxler Moments SBC PSG Squad
Icardi could also play for Atletico. I heard he likes Suarez. | © Futbin

Draxler SBC Team 1 Requirements

  • Min. 1 player from PSG
  • Min. 83 OVR
  • Min. 75 chemistry
  • Min. 1 IF player
  • Reward: Small Player Pack
21,000 coins21,000 coins21,000 coins

POTM Draxler Team 2 SBC Cheapest Solution & Rewards

Julian Draxler Moments SBC FIFA 22 Ligue 1
The challenge is called Ligue 1, I show you Bundesliga. | © Futbin

Draxler SBC Team 2 Requirements

  • Min. 1 player from Ligue 1
  • Min. 85 OVR
  • Min. 65 chemistry
  • Reward: Rare Mixed Players Pack
63,000 coins70,000 coins70,000 coins

POTM Draxler Team 3 SBC Cheapest Solution & Rewards

Julian Draxler Moments SBC FIFA 22 Germany
This is the most expensive challenge. | © Futbin

Draxler SBC Team 3 Requirements

  • Min. 1 player from Germany
  • Min. 87 OVR
  • Min. 55 chemistry
  • Reward: Mega Pack
162,000 coins165,000 coins170,000 coins

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