How Much Will Ariana Grande Make From Her Fortnite Concert?

Ariana grande fortnite
Ariana Grande is set to make an absolute killing at her upcoming Fortnite Rift Tour Concert! | © Epic Games

Ariana Grande will make an insane amount of money from her upcoming Fortnite Concert. How much? Well, we'll reveal that later, but we have to stress: it's an incredibly large sum of money! How much will Ariana Grande make from her Fortnite Rift Tour Concert later this week?

You can expect that Ariana Grande will absolutely rake it in come August 6, when her massive Fortnite Rift Tour concert is set to take place. The event, which will take place between August 6 and 8, will bring another major celebrity to Fortnite, after Travis Scott made an appearance only a few months ago. It is going to be wild, and we can expect that millions of avid Fortnite and Ariana Grande fans will be flocking into the game for this incredible event!

Still keen to watch Ariana Grande's upcoming Fortnite Rift Tour concert? Here's everything you need to know...

How Much Money Will Ariana Grande Make from Her Fortnite Rift Tour Concert?

Ariana Grande will likely make more than $20 million USD from her upcoming Fortnite Rift Tour Concert. How do we know that? Well, Travis Scott raked in $20 million, so we can be pretty sure that Ariana Grande will be making even more than he did. We are not privy to the private financial agreements of major popstars (well, what a surprise!) and thus cannot confirm the exact amount, but Forbes certainly seems pretty sure of itself!

We have to admit, more than $20 million bucks for a couple of concerts sounds like a pretty good deal. We would love to rake in that much cash for a couple of virtual concerts within a game like Fortnite. Hey, Epic Games, could you get us a deal like that? Ah, we suppose that would kind of undermine our journalistic integrity, but hey, worth it? We're joking. Definitely joking.

If Ariana Grande is going to earn more than $20 million USD from the Fortnite Rift Tour concert, then we've just got to check it out. As we previously mentioned, Ariana Grande's Fortnite Rift Tour concert will take place between August 6 and 8 on the in-game Fortnite stage. It's going to be wild, and Ms Grande is certainly going to rake it in. Hopefully she can pull out all the stops to make this the best in-game Fortnite concert yet! Hopefully... but let's just wait and see.

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