Fortnite x Attack on Titan Crossover In The Works?

Rumors about a new Fortnite crossover have surfaced. Could Eren and Mikasa from the popular anime Attack on Titan be coming to Fortnite soon? Here come the details.

attack on titan fortnite
Will there be a Fortnite crossover to go with the Season finale? | © AlexFNBRLeaks

A newly surfaced Fortnite-themed Attack on Titan concept on Twitter is taking the community by storm. Speculation and rumors about an Attack on Titan x Fortnite crossover began when Epic Games sent out a poll that included several popular anime characters, including Eren Yeager from Attack on Titan.

These polls are conducted to find out what collaborations players would like to see in Fortnite, and it seems like the Battle Royal is not done with anime. After the considerably successful Fortnite x Naruto crossover, Attack on Titan would be the second anime to make it into the game.

Let's take a look at the leaks.

Are Eren and Mikasa from Attack on Titan Coming to Fortnite?

As always, Epic Games likes to hold back its information so as not to spoil its players. However, we know how tenacious the Fortnite leakers are and how they like to dig through the game files for any scrap of information. A Fortnite player shared an amazing concept image shortly after Chapter 3 began-

Of course, Fortnite leaker HYPEX didn't miss the opportunity to share this image. HYPEX only recently announced that he would hold back a bit on leaks in the future after Epic Games asked the leakers to do so. But was the retweet now supposed to be a sneak peek?

As you can see from the image in the tweet, Eren is here in his intimidating titan form. He is one of the most important characters in the anime, and it would be great to see him in Fortnite. While Epic Games has not yet expressed any plans to bring Eren or any other characters from the Attack on Titan universe to Fortnite, judging by the current hype of the anime, it might happen soon. After all, Attack on Titan: Final Season Part 2 was just released and fittingly, and to add more merit to this claim, there will even be a CoD x Attack on Titan crossover that has already been confirmed.

If it's in CoD, it's bound to be Fortnite, right? Until we get more information or leaks, we'll probably have to wait a little longer. Until then, though, anime fans can check out an Attack on Titan-themed Fortnite creative map and experience one of three unique arenas. To enter the map, simply go into Fortnite creative mode and enter the island code 1254-0562-2361 to join.

You'll find yourself in the middle of the anime world of Attack on Titan. We wish you a lot of fun!