Batman/Fortnite: Foundation Comic & Skin Release

The Batman / Fortnite comics are getting a sequel with Batman / Fortnite: Foundation. Of course, this is Fortnite, so there will be an exclusive skin. Here are the details.

Batman Fortnite Foundation
The Fortnite x DC Collab continues! | © Epic Games

Following the success of the Batman / Fortnite: Zero Point comic book series, DC and Epic Games are returning with a super-secret Batman / Fortnite one-shot sequel. But the project is so 'secret' that they're refusing to reveal the cover, contents, or full name of the book. However, you know the internet! And you know Fortnite leakers - so obviously, we actually do know everything. So if you want to be surprised, here's a warning:

Spoilers will follow!

What Will The New Batman / Fortnite Comic Be Called?

The new comic will be called Batman / Fortnite: Foundation.

"Foundation," is the name of a recently revealed character, the leader of an iconic group who have been teased in Fortnite for a while: The Seven. Of course, this still leaves the story very open!

What Is The Batman / Fortnite: Foundation Comic About?

On the cover of DC's Batman / Fortnite: Foundation comic, Batman battles the Foundation. So, we at least know the latter will travel to Gotham City in the coming story.

However, there is another character hiding in the background, which arouses the interest of Fortnite fans even more. This is none other than The Batman Who Laughs, a version of Bruce Wayne infected with the Joker's toxin. Perhaps the Foundation will have to save Batman from this toxin in the end? We'll have to wait and see.

Fans are also wondering whether The Batman Who Laughs could be an exclusive Fortnite skin that will be released alongside the comic. And this is almost certainly the case given Fortnite's love of skins.

How Do You Get The Batman / Fortnite: Foundation Skin?

The Batman Who Laughs will be an exclusive skin that will be released alongside Batman / Fortnite: Foundation # 1. All of the previous characters seen on the Batman / Fortnite comics before, will later appear in the game as well. The Batman Who Laughs will come to the Fortnite Item Shop on the day the comic is officially released. The following cosmetics will also be available with the skin:

  • Robin’s Perch Back Bling
  • Dark Times Loading Screen

When Is The Batman/Fortnite: FoundationComic Release Date?

You're in luck, you actually don't have to wait long! The Batman / Fortnite: Foundation one-shot comic will hit the shelves on October 26, 2021. One-shots usually encompass an entire story in a 30-50 page comic book, which would usually be unsuitable for a normal edition.

You'll be able to get this issue from your favorite comic bookstore or digitally via DC UNIVERSE INFINITE (only in the USA).

How Much Does The Batman / Fortnite: Foundation Comic Cost?

There will be two versions of the comic. One with a high-quality cover and without. The comic with the normal cover will cost $4.99, while you can buy the edition with a high-quality cover for $5.99. The “Batman Who Laughs” outfit and the matching “Robin's Perch” back accessory are available in the item shop for 1,500 V-Bucks if you buy them separately and not as part of the bundle.

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