Epic Games Want To Produce A Fortnite Film

A recent article from The Information claims that Epic Games are now looking to get into the video content space, and they're planning a Fortnite movie. Here are the details.
Fortnite Movie
Are we going to get a Fortnite movie anytime soon? | © Epic Games
"Epic Games is considering creating an entertainment division focused on scripted video content."

Yep, we're shocked too.

So far, the idea of an entertainment department producing Fortnite films has never really emerged. Movies that do collabs with Fortnite, storytelling within the game, yes, but the last barrier between Epic's Battle Royale and total culture shock could soon fall.

The Information claims that Epic Games is now looking to get into the video content space. And that one of the first projects to be discussed is "a fictional film based on Fortnite". Perhaps this is a defiant reaction to Apple; an example of Epic wanting to show that they can do more.

We all know that Fortnite already has its own "story". And as the battle royale mode grew, that story just went on and on. But when you look back you can clearly see a pattern as it became increasingly cinematic - Fortnite Season 6 was directed by the Russo Brothers, the guys behind Avengers, for instance.

How Did The Fortnite Film Idea Begin?

So where do Epic's plans for an entertainment department come from? It all started after Epic hired three Lucasfilm executives earlier this year - including Jason McGatlin, who previously served as executive producer on all of Disney's current Star Wars films.

McGatlin is now president of Epic's mysterious "Special Projects" division. Lynn Bartsch and Chris Furia (Head of Business Affairs and Vice President of Production Finance) also moved from Lucasfilm to Epic.

According to the report, a Fortnite movie has allegedly been "discussed" in the studio's special projects department - but that's pretty much all we know so far.

People familiar with the situation simply told The Information that a film was possible and that there had been internal conversations. But given Epic's close ties to Hollywood (from recurring Marvel films, etc.), it seems more of a question of when there will be a Fortnite movie, rather than if.

It's easy to imagine that a Fortnite movie could be implemented in a number of different ways. Fortnite already contains countless characters from various film and TV franchises, as well as a large number of its own who are popular with fans.

The complex storyline of Fortnite has so far spanned more than a dozen seasons, with increasingly complex live events, cutscenes, and campaign excerpts. This shows, if nothing else, their appetite for this kind of project. And hand on heart: We're sure that when Epic gets to making this movie, they'll do a sterling job of it.

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