Monopoly is in Fortnite!

Among all the Fortnite crossovers, there is actually a collaboration between Monopoly and Fortnite! We have an overview of the cosmetics for you

Fortnite Monopoly
The next crazy Fortnite crossover is coming around the bend. | © Epic Games

Fortnite is pretty crazy when it comes to crossovers. Some of the most popular collabs have been with stars like Ariana Grande and Travis Scott, brands like Balenciaga and Jordan, and movies and series like The Walking Dead and Spider-Man.

What completely blew our socks off: Fortnite even collaborated with the popular board game Monopoly and brought special items from that game to the island. Kind of cool, right?

The Monopoly x Fortnite Crossover

Fortnite Monopoly
The game pieces! |© Epic Games
These Monopoly tokens can be worn as Back-Blings:
  • Dog
  • Rubber Ducklings
  • Cat
  • T-Rex
  • Penguin
  • Automobile
  • Cylinder
  • Battleship

As you may have noticed, these are some of the most iconic game characters from Monopoly. These items are available in the item shop every now and then. However, you can only buy them as a bundle. The "Monopoly game pieces" set cost 800 V-Bucks.

The crossover wasn't part of a larger Monopoly anniversary or anything. It's more likely to be a continuation of an already existing partnership. The toy manufacturer Hasbro released a Monopoly: Fortnite Edition back in 2018, which contained some of the most famous skins and locations from the Battle Royale.

We'll just throw that into the room now, but who knows, maybe there will someday be a Monopoly LTM in Fortnite to match with the back blings later down the line. Of course, we will keep you updated.