Billie Eilish To Perform in Next Fortnite Concert

First, it was Travis Scott, after that, Ariana Grande. It seems like yet another superstar will be performing a concert in Fortnite. Everything we know so far about this Billie Eilish x Epic Games collab right here!

Concerts in Fortnite have become quite an attraction. Travis Scott was first in line, netting him millions of dollars through his collaboration with Epic Games. Next up was an in-game performance by Ariana Grande which got a lot of attention and was probably as lucrative as the first concert. Now, Epic Games has scored the next big star to hold a concert: Billie Eilish! Here is everything we know about the possible link-up so far.

Billie Eilish Fortnite Concert

This massive news was dropped on Twitter by the well-known source for leaks all around the game, Fortnite Intel. The site is stating that this information comes from a reliable source, so most likely someone within Epic Games. It reportedly has been planned for months at this point, so there is a lot that players and fans of Billie Eilish can look forward to. This is going to be a unique performance.

As stated in this tweet, none of this is definite right now, so we'll have to stay on the lookout for any updates on this topic. Fortnite Intel has been a reliable source for news and leaks, so this is probably going to happen – that's pretty sure.

What Else Is Indicating A Billie Eilish x Fortnite Collab?

Just a few days before Fortnite Intel announced the collaboration, Epic's Chief Creative Officer Donald Mustard has tweeted about a Billie Eilish concert he visited with his family. Here is what he had to say about seeing her live in concert.

"I think @billieeilish and @finneas are both among our greatest living musicians. So… this is my youngest daughters ‘first’ concert. Her voice is raw. Her heart is bursting. And she is alive!!!"

At this point, it was probably just seen as a usual social media post and nothing else, but regarding the leaks about the collaboration, it all makes sense now! Who knows, maybe Epic's CCO even discussed some conditions for the upcoming concert with Billie's team already? Let's hope we'll find out all about that as soon as possible.

When Can We Expect The Concert To Take Place?

There hasn't been any information about a specific date for the Billie Eilish concert as of now. The closing statement in Fortnite Intel's tweet still gives a rough timeline of when it could happen, namely, still in Season 2 of Chapter 3. The season is supposed to end on June 3, 2022, so we can expect the concert until then.

Who knows, maybe it's going to cap off Season 2 in the biggest way possible? Starting the summer with a Billie Eilish concert sounds pretty good, right?

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