Fortnite Guide: Purchase Weapons From Ace’s Exotics Or Ace’s Armory Vending Machines

The new vending machines not only equip you with high-quality weapons and ammo, but also help you get a little closer to the free "Gold-Blooded Ace" Skin.

Ace exotic armor vending machine
A small guide for one of the Most Wanted Challenges in Fortnite. | © Epic Games

The Ace's Exotic and Arsenal Vending Machines are probably the easiest way to loot or get hold of an exotic weapon, as they tend to be relatively rare. The good thing is, during the Fortnite Most Wanted Event, these vending machines have now been popping up all over the island!

So if you have too many gold bars in your bag, be sure to visit them and exchange them for the exotic items. This will also help you at the same time to complete one of the Most Wanted Quests, which will get you a little closer to the Gold-Blooded Ace Skin.

Where To Find All Ace's Exotic & Ace's Armory Vending Machines

The vending machines are actually distributed all over the map. However, you will find more arsenal than exotic item vending machines. This is a good thing, however, as it will help you complete the Buy Weapons quest from Ace' Exotic or Ace' Arsenal Vending Machines faster, since these are cheaper items and require less gold to spend.

You can find the vending machines all over the map:

Fortnite ace exotic weapn arsenal
All 'Ace's Exotic Items' and Ace's Arsenal vending machines. | © Epic Games

Once you find a vending machine, all you have to do is buy 10 items. These can also be items such as pulse grenades or petrol cans. These are the cheapest items. Of course, the 10 items should also include 1-2 good weapons. After all, it doesn't do any harm. By the way, ammo does not count for this challenge.

Once you've made your purchases (which will likely cost you between 700 and 1000 Fortnite Gold Bars), the quest is complete, and you'll receive 1,000 Valor Points as a reward! Wasn't that difficult, was it?

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