Fortnite: All Bytes Dark Bargain Quests & Rewards

Starting withFortnite Patch 22.10, the Bytes quests are finally available, with which you can unlock different styles for the "Gift of Nothing" pickaxe. Here come all the details.

Fortnite Bytes
Fortnite: All Bytes Rewards and Missions! | © Epic Games

Fortnite players can now unlock styles for Byte's Gift of Nothing pickaxe! Of course that's not easy. Different styles require different quests to customize the harvesting tool.

Logically, you first have to unlock the character Bytes and his pickaxe via the Battle Pass before you can tackle the orders. But you should have done that quickly...

Fortnite: All Bytes Dark Bargain Quests & Pickaxe Styles

There are a total of seven Dark Bargain quests you can complete to unlock the different pickaxe styles. Each of these quests has two phases. In every second phase you have to tune in to a TV while using the Bytes outfit.

Fortnite Pickaxe Gift of Nothing
All the styles for the iconic pickaxe! | © Epic Games

Below you will find all Dark Bargain missions:

  • Damage opponents with EvoChrom weapons (25,000): Style Reaper's Lament
  • Travel distance in a chromed vehicle (5,000): Dreadclaw style
  • Move through buildings in various named locations (10): Stinging Sunbeam style
  • Search Chrome Chests (20): Chaotic Blade style
  • Damage Chromed Beasts (25,000): Style Sharp Thorn
  • Eliminate opponents at Chrome Named Locations (20): Style Spit
  • Chrome Enemies (10): Thrasher style

This video explains how to complete each task and where the adjustable TVs are located:

In order to damage opponents with EvoChrom weapons, you need either the EvoChrom Shotgun or the EvoChrom Volley Rifle. The best way to get these is by searching Chrome Chests in Chrome locations.

You can even chrome-plate a vehicle or animal yourself to save yourself the search. Simply throw a Chrome Slime at your target and it's chromed. You can easily get the slime by mining chrome.

You should be able to do the rest on your own. We wish you every success!

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