Fortnite x Rocket League Crossover Coming To Creative

An interesting crossover is coming to Fortnite Creative, one that will let players experience the thrills of Rocket League!

rocket league x fortnite
Time to race your friends in Fortnite. I ©Riot Games

Ever since Epic Games acquired developer Pysonix, the creators of Rocket League multiple crossovers involving the frantic sports game and Fortnite have occurred - perhaps none as interesting as the upcoming one to Fortnite Creative.

That's right, with patch 22.10, Fortnite will add Rocket League vehicles to Creative! They'll come with unique properties to differentiate themselves from regular Fortnite vehicles.

All this information comes from the ever-reliable HYPEX, who mentions that the iconic Octone Spawner will feature more tricks up its sleeve than your good-old Fortnite cars:

A lightweight vehicle made for defying gravity with its rocket boosting, jumping, and aerial capabilities. You can even use this vehicle to wall drive, similarly to Rocket League. This vehicle has Sticky Wheels, which allow a player to drive up vertical surfaces. Players will become unstuck from an upside-down surface after a few seconds.

You can: Jump, Double Jump, Drift, Air Yaw/Roll/Pitch, Dodge, Reverse Camera, Boost & Aerials.

Now, the fact that they're adding this to Fortnite Creative only for the moment doesn't mean Epic Games isn't planning on the Rocket League crossover to extend to the battle royale side of things.

This isn't always the case, of course, take for instance the Among Us riff made by Epic which was an entirely new mode separate from battle royale or even Save The World. At the moment, we've got no information about what else will come with the Rocket League crossover.

Will new tools to create exciting racetracks also join creative mode? It all remains to be seen.

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