Fortnite: All Chrome-Vortex Locations

Fortnite week 7 is here and a challenge requires you to enter a chrome vortex. But what is it and where can you find one? We'll show you!

Fortnite Chrom-Vortex
We'll show you where to find the chrome vortex in Fortnite. | © Epic Games

In Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 4, the island was inundated with a strange chrome liquid and even hurricanes made of the shiny substance appeared on the map. And now it's up to you to enter one of them and bag 20,000 XP.

You read that right. Week 7 of Fortnite quests are here and a quest asks you to "Enter a Chrome Vortex".

We've all seen this terrifying molten metal tornado, but you probably didn't know it by that name. When you step into it, you can turn into chrome and aim your glider from above to cover great distances quickly.

As the Shining Menace continues to spread across the island, so do these hurricanes, as we no longer have just one chrome swirl in Fortnite, we have multiple of them appearing in every game. But where are they?

Fortnite: Where To Find a Chrome Vortex

Most Chrome Vortex locations are randomized for each match. Once on the Battle Bus, they are indicated on the map by small swirl icons.

You can always find a safe chrome vortex spawn at Herald's Sanctum. However, you have to assume that other players will also land here, which is why we recommend that you land in a different hurricane to complete the challenge.

You'll definitely find a Chrome Vortex here. | © Epic Games

To enter a Chrome Vortex in Fortnite, all you have to do is approach it and you'll be sucked into the swirling, liquid metal. Not only does this turn you into chrome, turning you into a blob, but it also allows you to aim up and fly through the top of the chrome vortex and reorient your glider.

And that was the whole challenge. We wish you every success.

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