Fortnite Coaching At The Gamers Academy!

If you're really trying to improve in Fortnite, it's best to get help from a pro. The Gamers Academy also offers Fortnite coaching sessions from now on.

FN bei GA Cover
This is how Fortnite coaching sessions work at the Gamers Academy. | © Gamers Academy

So far, Gamers Academy has been known for FIFA coaching around the world's best eSports players and content creators like 'MoAuba' and 'NealGuides'. Now, the well-known coaching platform is also getting involved with Fortnite – and has experienced and strong gamers in its ranks right from the start.

With known coaches like "Lewis", "Naoki", "Cloud", "Malte", "Sharko", "Jendawy", "Finnshyper" and "HizirTV", you have the opportunity to have your game analyzed and bring it to the next level. FNCS is the limit.

How Does Fortnite Coaching Work?

In the 1on1 coaching, a coach accompanies you live for 60 minutes and analyzes your gameplay. Afterwards, you will get feedback and individual advice on how to improve your game and which areas you should address first.

The coaches are accordingly multifaceted and experienced, so that there is a suitable coach for every skill level. The focus is on all important areas of the game, such as building, early game or tactics.

To celebrate the recent launch, Gamers Academy is offering a voucher which saves you 33%. With the code "WELCOME33" you get three 1on1 Coaching Tokens for the price of two. The good thing about the tokens is that you have no time limit and can use them anytime. There is no subscription and no hidden costs. Try it out and see for yourself!