Fortnite Dial-A-Drop: Everything You Need To Know

Epic is bringing a new item to Fortnite Island, the Dial-A-Drop. Here's everything you need to know about it, including how to use it and where to find it.

Fortnite Tilted Towers
Fortnite Vorratsrufer: Bald werden mehr LootDrops aus dem Himmel fallen! | ©EpicGames

The observant among you may have noticed. The Week 7 Challenges contain a quest that you may find strange. It reads: "Use a Dial-A-Drop in different games (3)". But what is this mysterious supply caller and where can you find it? We'll take a closer look at that in this article.

Fortnite Dial-A-Drop: How To Use it

The Fortnite Dial-A-Drop looks like a walkie-talkie and is an epic item. You can use it to request certain loot that should help you on your way to victory. Here you have the choice between different supply deliveries. For one, you can request a health delivery or a vehicle delivery. As the name suggests, the Health Drop contains healing items and shield items, while the Vehicle Drop contains an upgraded pickup truck. When you have finally decided on a delivery, a small box will spawn in the sky and then fall to the ground in front of you. This concept is similar to the familiar loot drop, you know, the blue box with the yellow balloon.

Fortnite Dial-A-Drop: Where To Find It

Of course, we all want to complete the week 7 challenge, but to do that we need the Dial-A-Drop. So where can you find it?

The Dial-A-Drop spawns on the ground, so you can actually find him everywhere. However, since it is of epic rarity, you may have to play a few rounds to find it.

Fortnite Loot Drop
Going forward, this won't be the only supply drop players will be clamoring for. | ©EpicGames

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