Is a Fortnite x FIFA World Cup Collaboration In The Works?

According to the latest leaks, a Fortnite x World Cup collab is coming to celebrate the big FIFA event! Here's everything you need to know about it.

Fortnite F Ifa World Cup 2022
A big football event in Fortnite is coming up. | © HYPEX

According to the latest leaks, Epic Games will team up with FIFA and launch a major football event in Fortnite! Considering the many sports collaborations Fortnite has entered into over the past few years, a collaboration with the 2022 FIFA World Cup makes more than sense! But what exactly can we expect from it?

Fortnite x FIFA World Cup Collab Leaks

The leaks come from Wensoing, who posted a file code with the Fortnite x WM News. He writes:

In patch 22.00, a ChallengeReward (26k XP) was added for an event named "World Cup" I assume this is related to the FIFA 2022 World Cup, as it happens during S4 and Fortnite has done several Football related collabs

However, Fortnite leaker HYPEX denies the leaks and writes:

I found out through a source that this is probably a normal Football/Soccer event and it's not related to FIFA or the World Cup at all.

The FIFA World Cup begins on November 20th. Actually, this date could go well with the leaked files since Chapter 3, Season 4 ends on December 3rd and the event rewards would be a good way to complete your Battle Pass.

We'll definitely keep you updated as soon as we know more.

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