These Are The FNCS Winners From Europe and North America!

The weekend is over and with it the Fortnite Championship Series Final (FNCS) as well. The best duos worldwide have received their pickaxes as well as insane amounts of prize money.
FNCS Saison 19 | © Epic Games

Fifty duos from seven regions took the stage last weekend to compete in the FNCS finals. The stakes? Over $3 million in prize money, as well as the axe of champions and a whole lot of bragging right.

But who managed to stay alive until the end of it all? Who are now crowned the best Fortnite players in the world? Let's check out the FNCS winners of Chapter 3, Season 1 from Europe, NAE and NAW.

The FNCS Winners in Europe

The European tournament was quite exciting to watch. The fight for first was a nail biter. The top 10 teams could all take the championship before the final round (Round 12). Fans were vibrating in their seats as the final round began.

In the end it was Hen & Queasy who outlived the 49 other duos. The last men standing took home $150,000 each, as well as the championship axe. This is already the third FNCS title for Hen – this young man is on fire – while this is Queasy's second title, who had previously taken home the title with Trulex and Jur3ky in Season 16 during the trio format.

The FNCS Winners in NAE

The east of North America was dominated by a familiar face in the Fortnite scene. The world champion Bugha managed to run away with the win, earning a solid 46 points ahead of the competition. Bugha and Mera are probably the dream team in the region.

The prize money in NAE was slightly less than that of Europe sititng at $65,000 for each winner, but let's be real, I wouldn't be mad earning this much after a tournament. Mero is an up-and-coming star, while Bugha, along with the European TaySon are hailed as the greatest players to have set their hands on Fortnite.

The FNCS Winners in NAW

While the east of North America was pretty predictable, the west left us wondering who would take it. All duos within the top 5 could have gotten their hands on the axe of champions. It came down to the wire of the final round, where Favs & Snacky managed to rake in a total of 8 kills to catapult them to the top! Both take home a solid $22,500.

So, there you have it folks, these were the winners of both Europe and North America. Hope you guys enjoyed this season of FNCS as much as we did, but now the question remains, what did you think of the season as a whole?