Attack on Titan Is Coming to Fortnite

One of anime's greatest is joining Fortnite: Attack on Titan is coming to the game.

Pokemon was way off, because Fortnite is the one catching them all. Like... seriously... name a huge franchise that isn't in Fortnite yet, and it will probably be added by the end of the year. Now, after anime behemoths like Naruto already joined the action, Attack on Titan will be added to Fortnite - at least that's what it seems like.

Attack on Titan x Fortnite Crossover

So where are we coming from with this? To explain, I need to... explain. You see, a while back, when Deadpool came to Fortnite, the Merc with a Mouth first took over the item shop, by breaking the Fourth Wall. Then, when the 'Rise of Skywalker' event was on, the background was changed to a lightspeed tunnel when loading into matches.

Now, the same thing is happening again: In the store, we can see a background that is very reminiscient of the Attack on Titan opening scene. To back this up, the artstyle of Attack on Titan has also been datamined. Don't believe me? Here's the opening - just.. pay attention to the first second:

If you need more proof: The background is code-named 'rumble', and if you know anything about Attack on Titan, you're most definitely familiar with the rumbling event.

I don't think anybody would mind Attack on Titan coming to Fortnite, but what I'm wondering is where that Attack on Titan AAA game is. Seriously, that thing is long overdue, and has so much potential. Imagine the PvP possibilities... a man can only dream.