Fortnite Player of the Month for October 2021: XTRA Reet

In our Player of the Month series, we introduce you to some of the best players, streamers, and content creators in Fortnite. Today, it's XTRA Reet.

Spieler des Monats reet
Our Fortnite Player of the Month October. | © Reet

Every month, we take a look at a player who has done exceptional things in the last few weeks. It's time again for the Fortnite Player of the Month. Today, we present EarlyGame's Player of the Month for October 2021: XTRA Reet.

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Who is XTRA Reet Nathan "Reet"

Reet is a Fortnite esports player who currently plays for XTRA Gaming in the North America West (NAW) region. His Fortnite career began like many others: playing with friends on the console. However, he quickly became captivated by Fortnite and got better and better until he eventually won his first prize money during the first Trio Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) and used it to buy his own PC. Reet placed in the top 100 at several events in late 2019, including a win at the Solo Cash Cup. DreamHack hosted the first major event of 2020, and it was a LAN event in Anaheim. Reet stood out during the tournament and with that, it was only a matter of time before his competitive rankings and social media growth skyrocketed. Now, Reet is a household name among Fortnite fans.

Believe it or not, Reet actually doesn't play with mouse and keyboard, but a controller. But that doesn't stop him from keeping up with the best players in the world. Over the past three years, Reet has raked in a total of $119,779 in prize money earned. Soon, Reet says he wants to move to the East Coast, which means he could soon be playing in the NAE region, a region with even higher prize money than NAW.

Why is Reet the Fortnite Player of the Month?

You've just read that Reet is a fabulous player. And he showed that in October as well. In the Solo Cash Cup this month, he managed to get fourth place once, second-place once, and first place once. But also with his trio consisting of him, mero, and XTRA snacky in NAW, and with his trio consisting of him, 100T Arkhram, and EpikWhale in NAE and Asia he showed what he is capable of in the Trio Cash Cups.

In NAW, he and his team finished first once and fourth once. In the NAE region, once third and once 5th place and in the Asia region, twice second and once fourth place. He and his mate also dominated the Duos Hype Cup in Asia, securing first place. Overall, the 15-year-old earned $3,575 this month just from Fortnite tournaments. Of course, Reet and his team also placed in the FNCS for the finals, where they will once again get the chance to show what they can do and compete for some fat prize money.