Spider-Man's Archenemy The Green Goblin Is in Fortnite

Spider-Man and MJ are already in Fortnite, but one is still missing. The biggest arch-enemy of our favorite hero. It looks like the green goblin will appear in Fortnite in just a few days.

Fortnite green goblin
Soon Spider-Man and the Green Goblin will face each other in Fortnite. | © Epic Games

It looks like Fortnite Chapter 3 will get an even bigger helping of Spider-Man content. Over the course of Fortnite's current season, Spider-Man has been front and center. Not only is the Marvel skin in the Battle Pass, Epic has also added Spider-Man and MJ from Spider-Man: No Way Home to the game. And if that's still not enough, you can also grab the Web-Shooters in-game and use them to swing around the map like Spider-Man.

But if you thought that the collaboration with Spidey ends there, you were wrong, because one of the most iconic Spider-Man villains is in the battle royale shooter none other than The Green Goblin.

Who is the Green Goblin?

The Green Goblin is the arch-enemy of Spider-Man. He first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #14. Actually, The Green Goblin was an ordinary man and the father of Peter Parker's best friend Harry Osbourne.

Mr. Osbourne found the formula for an experimental serum that would increase physical strength and reflexes. In his lust for power, he wanted to test it on himself, but the unstable liquid exploded in his face. He received the aforementioned super strength, but the serum also cost him his mind, driving him into a sort of Jackal and Hide disposition. He became consumed by the thought of leading the New York underworld and designed a costume that strongly resembled a goblin, as well as a glider that allowed him to fly like a bat out of hell. However, his main desire has always been to defeat the famous Spider-Man who thwarted his evil desires around every corner.

The Green Goblin Cosmetics in Fortnite

Here's what the Cosmetics look like in the game:

Fortnite item shop green goblin 27 01 22
The Green Goblin Cosmetics | © Epic Games

Fortnite's version of the Green Goblin is very similar to the original look the character had when he first appeared in the Amazing Spider-Man comics. But of course, a simple skin is not enough. In addition to the green Goblin skin, there are of course several Cosmetics that have appeared with him in the item store, including:

  • Pumpkin P'Axe
  • Goblin Glider
  • Pumpkin Bomb Back Bling
  • Arm the Pumpkin! Emote

Where is the Green Goblin on the Fortnite Map?

In fact, the green goblin will follow Spidey not only to the item shop but also to the Fortnite island. Epic Games writes in an official blog post:

"He will not rest until he destroys Spider-Man. Using the giant Daily Bugle as a landmark, the Green Goblin was able to follow Spider-Man all the way to Fortnite Island."

So, this means that you will soon meet the Goblin at the Spider-Man hotspot, The Daily Bugle. Whether he will be friendly or hostile towards you is not yet clear until the Green Goblin shows up in the game.