Fortnite High Octane: Quests & Free Rewards

Rocket League's Octane cars have finally arrived in Fortnite, and to go along with that, there are the High Octane contracts that can be used to earn free rewards.

High Octane Missions and Rewards Fortnite
Race through Fortnite with the Octane and earn nice stuff. | © Epic Games

With the Fortnite V.22.40 update, the Rocket League Octane arrives on the island and to go along with it, there are nice challenges that you can use to unlock free rewards. We have an overview of all High Octane missions and rewards for you.

All High Octane Quests & Rewards

From now until December 3rd, 2022 at 16:00 CET you can complete the High Octane missions to get XP and Rocket League Cosmetics in Fortnite.

Fortnite Rocket League High Octane Missions
Come on, the challenges are worth it for the pickaxe! | © Epic Games

Here you have an overview of all challenges:

Octane Bonus Rewards

Complete 2 High Octane contracts
  • Aerial Assist Style of the Back Board Back Bling (plus the Back Board Back Bling if not owned already)
  • Shot in Flight Emoticon
Complete 4 High Octane contracts
  • 'Brella Beach Style of the Back Board Back Bling
  • Octane Smash Spray
Complete 6 High Octane contracts
  • Battle-car Blaze Style of the Back Board Back Bling
Complete 8 High Octane contracts
  • Fifty-Fifty Style of the Back Board Back Bling
  • Clutch Victory Pickaxe

Octane: Battle Royale/Zero Build Missions

QuestNumber of TimesReward
Spin forward or backward 720 degrees in mid-air with an Octane120k XP
Fly 100 meters straight in an Octane120k XP
Hit opponents while driving an Octane320k XP

Octane: Creator Experience Quests

The following questrequire you to visit the creative islands from the "High Octane" series. You can find these in the discover screen in your Fortnite lobby, or alternatively via the codes below:

QuestNumber of TimesCodeReward
Earn points on Rocket League Live2509775-0165-8588v220k XP
Earn points on Rocket League Live1009775-0165-8588v220k XP
Eliminate enemy snipers in Sniper Against Octanes18992-9205-6512v2620k XP

Deal damage to enemy vehicles in Sniper Against Octanes

6008992-9205-6512v2620k XP
Complete a lap in under 2 minutes 30 seconds in the Octane Race1


20k XP
Complete laps in Octane Race23847-7344-8745v1820k XP
Reach every checkpoint in Frenzy Ruins55620-6416-3977v220k XP
Collect coins in frenzy ruins85620-6416-3977v220k XP

Completing eight High Octane missions will also unlock the following in-game rewards for Rocket League and Rocket League Sideswipe:

  • Whiplash Car
  • Whiplash Wheels
  • Flames Decal
  • Stripes Decal
  • Wings Decal
  • Lightning Decal

And that's it! Rep Rocket League at Chonker's Speedway with the Octane, or show your support for Fortnite in Rocket League with the Whiplash!