Fortnite x MrBeast Burger Crossover: A Delicious Collaboration

Epic Games announced a new Fortnite crossover featuring popular YouTuber MrBeast's virtual fast food restaurants at the FNCS Invitational.

fortnite mrbeast burger
Durrr or Mr Beast Burger? | © Epic Games / MrBeast Burger

A new Fortnite crossover has been leaked, and one that probably couldn't be more strange. You've probably heard of MrBeast. This is the dude best known for giving away his money in crazy YouTube games. And yes, MrBeast even has his own fast food chain. In any case, the FNCS Invitational 2022 recently took place, one of the biggest Fortnite tournaments since the World Cup in 2019. It featured the Fortnite mascot, the Durrr Burger, announcing a collaboration with, wait for it, MrBeast Burger's!

Fortnite x MrBeast Burger Crossover: What Can We Expect?

Launched on December 19, 2020, MrBeast Burger is a virtual restaurant created by Planet Hollywood mogul Robert Earl's Virtual Dining Concepts and leverages YouTuber MrBeast's branding. The fast-food chain has no fixed locations for customers to walk by, sit and eat. The Company licenses or contracts with other restaurants to offer MrBeast Burger's food for mail-order online only.

At the ongoing FNCS Invitational, Epic Games had a surprise in store for the participants. There was a large MrBeast Burger statue depicting a Durrr Burger with the MrBeast Burger logo in his mouth. Also, the wall behind the statue featured the words "MrBeast Burger x Fortnite". No further details were given, but fans began to murmur...

While it's plausible that MrBeast or the MrBeast Burger brand will make its way into the battle royale in some way, there are other possibilities as well. Since the collaboration will be announced at a live event, it's possible that Epic Games will launch a Durrr Burger for the fast food chain.

Of course, some Fortnite fans also expect a traditional collaboration with MrBeast in Fortnite. That means they're hoping for a MrBeast skin and possibly an in-game Fortnite event too. Who knows, maybe all of the above will happen too?

All in all, it's not surprising that Fortnite is partnered with MrBeast, which has built its success on the rise of battle royale. When more details about the collaboration are announced, we will of course update this article for you.