Fortnite: How To Deal Damage With A Chicken Peck

Are you on the final stretch toward completing your battle pass? Then we'll help you with a small guide to complete a very annoying Avian Ambush quest

avian ambush
Don't chicken out on doing these quests! I ©Epic Games

The Fortnite grind doesn't stop! Especially now that we're in the last days of Chapter 3 Season 4. Epic Games knows that it might be hard for some players to keep grinding their battle pass on a consistent basis, which is why they've introduced several new quests to ease the XP gain, including the Avian Ambush set of missions.

Avian Ambush involves a set of chickens roaming around the Fortnite island. Most of the quests are relatively simple, like walking around while grabbing a chicken, killing a few of them, and so on.

There is one challenge, however, that's been causing problems. Many fans simply don't know how to deal damage with a chicken peck. If you want to know how to complete it and earn a nice 20k, stick around.

How To Deal Peck Damage In Fortnite

The good thing about this quest is that you don't actually need to do damage to other players, as that would make it incredibly hard. You can do damage to other animals, which is your best bet at completing the quest.

What you'll need to do first is find a chicken and get a hold of it, obviously. Once it's in your possession, find another animal you can bully for a bit. Simply walk up to it and crouch, get as close as you can to the animal and the chicken will start pecking it, doing a single point of damage per peck.

If you want a good visual example, take a look at YouTuber Comrad3s video:

And that's it! Go on ahead and complete those quests, don't want to miss out on Spider-Gwen's outfit do you?

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