Fortnite Slide Mechanics: Everything You Need to Know

Fortnite Chapter 3 is here and has brought a brand new mechanic to the game: Sliding! But how does sliding work on PC and consoles? We'll show you!

Wie slidet man in Fortnite
The new slide meta is here! | © Epic Games

The wait is finally over and Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 1 is here! The island of Chapter 2 has been flipped, bringing not only a completely new map, but also many new functions and features to the game. Among them, a brand-new slide mechanic! We already heard about this from some Fortnite leakers, and it turns out they were correct: you can now slide in Fortnite.

If you're wondering what exactly the slide mechanic is in Fortnite and what buttons you need to press to slide across the island, stay tuned. Here comes everything you need to know about sliding in Fortnite!

What Is The Slide Mechanic In Fortnite?

Sliding is a core feature of many first-person shooter games, including Warzone, Apex Legends, or just about any shooter out there. Typically, players slide across maps to move faster, or to dodge gunfire. Fortnite didn't have this feature before, but that has changed with the start of Chapter 3. But not only can you move faster and dodge enemy fire in Fortnite, you can even shoot, build, and edit while you do it. At least if your fingers are up to multitasking.

How Do You Slide in Fortnite?

Actually, sliding in Fortnite is quite simple. As with many other games, you just need to hold down the duck/crouch button to start sliding. It doesn't matter if you're running down a slope or not. However, you are a little faster downhill.

How Do You Slide on PlayStation?

Sliden fortnite
Just look for the crouch/slide function. | © Epic Games

On the PlayStation, you can slide by holding down the right analog stick. However, you should be aware that the control can vary depending on the controller layout, and it is possible that you have changed the "crouch" button in the past. However, you can easily check this in Fortnite's controller settings.

How Do You Slide On The Xbox?

On the Xbox, you should be able to slide just like on the PlayStation by holding down the right analog stick. To be sure, you can simply check the controller settings. Under "Controller Platform", you can choose between Xbox One, PlayStation and Generic.

How Do You Slide On PC?

Keyboard controls slide fortnite
You can also easily change the keybinds for sliding on the PC. | © Epic Games

For PC gamers, the default setting for ducking is the CTRL key. Of course, you may have changed your keys at some point in the past. You can check your slide and crouch bindings in the keyboard controls in the Fortnite menu and change them if necessary.

And that's about it. Now you should know how to slide in Fortnite! We advise you to learn and use this mechanic quickly, as it will become a big part of Fortnite in the future and help you grab a Victory Royale and the Victory Crown!