How To Use The Sticky Grenade Launcher In Fortnite

The Sticky Grenade Launcher has just landed on Fortnite Battle Royale, and today we're going to give you some tips on how to use it effectively against your opponents.

Sticky grenade launcher fortnite
A new Grenade Launcher is now in Fortnite! | © Epic Games

This Wednesday, September 6, two new "weapons" arrived on Fortnite Battle Royale to add to the already rich content of Chapter 4 Season 4. We've already had the EMP Shield Breaker, which is capable of destroying lots of objects, and then the Sticky Grenade Launcher, which is ready to stick grenades in your back.

Tips To Use The Sticky Grenade Launcher In Fortnite

This weapon can be described as both simple and complex. You can easily use it in Battle Royale mode to destroy opposing builds. It's less obvious, however, to wield this weapon effectively in Zero Build. But it can still be an interesting weapon for dislodging certain players in Port-A-Bunkers or campers in houses.

Shortly after the weapon's arrival in the game, players came up with a technique to increase the rate of fire of sticky grenades. It's simple to set up and really effective in putting pressure on an enemy team. Simply take two Sticky Grenade Launchers from your inventory and fire the grenades, alternating the launcher.

Your fire rate increases, and you even have twice as many grenades to fire before reloading. Perhaps the most difficult part of this technique is finding two Sticky Grenade Launchers.

Once you've got a bit of experience with this weapon, you're bound to get more and more precise with the Sticky Grenade Launcher, and with a bit of success you'll probably be able to stick grenades on your opponents and make them explode.

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