Is The Dip Emote Pay To Win In Fortnite?

Added with the 2022 Rainbow Royale event, The Dip emote is cause for controversy due to its animation making players difficult to shoot.

The dip

Cosmetics shouldn't give you an advantage in-game. Things like skins, emotes, and more are there to spice the Fortnite experience up - did you get a nasty kill? Hit the Griddy on them! Want everyone to know you're an anime fan? Rock the Dragon Ball skins!

Sadly, from time to time, despite Epic's best efforts, certain cosmetics just offer a competitive advantage over others - we've seen skins with color palettes that make them hard to see around the Fortnite island, and now, it seems players have taken issues with the new The Dip emote.

Should The Dip Emote Be Removed From Fortnite?

Unveiled as part of the recent Rainbow Royale 2022 event, The Dip emote sees players drop to the floor in what's a clear reference to Ru Paul's Drag Race. It's also similar to Toy Story's toys going lifeless whenever Andy was around.

It seems that the emote does in fact mess with people's aim, with the character model completely... well, dipping, from their current position. Even for controller players, it seems to cause issues with the aim assist.

If you hop on Twitter or other social platforms, you'll see plenty of people abusing this emote to earn some kills while disrupting their enemies.

What's interesting about this particular emote is that, while the discussion is the fact that it can be categorized as "free-to-play", it is in fact totally free to earn! Naturally, having it will present an advantage against those that don't own the emote. How big of an advantage? That still remains to be seen.

As of right now, Epic Games hasn't issued any sort of statement regarding the emote. There could be grounds for it to be removed while they work on a solution, like giving it more start-up time, or not letting players cancel the animation at will.

As always, we'll be here to let you know everything you need to know about Fortnite in the coming weeks!

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