Klombo Returns To Fortnite! But Epic Has An Evil Plan...

According to the latest leaks, the Klombos, the cute dinosaurs from Season 1, are coming back to the island, but it seems that Epic Games has evil plans for them this time.
Fortnite klombo
Klombos are back! | © Epic Games

In Chapter 3, Season 1, the cute, dino-like creatures called Klombos were added to the game for the first time. However, to the regret of the players, the creatures disappeared again with the start of Season 2 and everyone wondered what happened to Klombos. However, according to the latest leaks, the dinos are coming back. But, unfortunately, it seems that Epic has new plans for them this time. In fact, you will now be able to kill the Klombos. For this, you should get a new, unique type of meat and different types of ammunition. What monster thought of this?

Klombo Comes Back To The Island

As always, the leaks come from our good old friend HYPEX, who tweeted this news about Klombos:

He writes:
Epic is working on making Klombos killable. Right now they are working on dropping a special version of meat and 15 different types of loot including: ammo, mats, instant items and maybe weapons. That's why they added the item "NPC Meat" yesterday.

When the Klombos were first added, Epic Games made it clear that they were peaceful creatures
- at least as long as they weren't provoked. They couldn't be killed no matter what you did to them, but if you angered them, they would quickly retaliate, dealing great damage to the players they angered. They were useful, spitting out weapons and launching you into the air, so you could reorient your glider.

Clomberries - the Klombo's favorite food - have recently returned to the island, so it's only a matter of time before the Klombos follow suit. While we're excited about the dino's return, we're horrified that these cute creatures can be killed. It remains to be seen how the Klombos will react to the players this time...