Leak: New Wolverine Skin Coming Soon

Fortnite is again on a Marvel trip and if you want even more of your favorite superheroes in the game, we got good news for you: Wolverine is coming back!
Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 Wolverine Leak
Wolverine is coming back to Fortnite! | © Epic Games

Fortnite and Marvel, name a better love story. Everyone's favorite superheroes have always been very present in the game and the same goes for Chapter 3, Season 2. The main attraction is of course Doctor Strange, who is all over this thing. But that obviously won't be the end of it. There will be more Marvel, because there is always more Marvel. We know this not just because of our amazing hunch, but because we got a new leak. This leak revealed that a new Wolverine skin is coming to Fortnite this season!

Wolverine Coming Back To Fortnite

A new Wolverine skin is coming to Fortnite soon! This was revealed by @hzjoetv over on Twitter. He used to work at Epic Games and is a known Fortnite leaker, so this reveal seems absolutely legit. He even posted a promo image, which you can see in this tweet below:

This actually looks pretty cool. We like when Wolverine is portrayed as rough and raw and that seems what they are going for with this new Fortnite edition of the clawed hero, which is apparently based on a version of Wolverine called "Patch". You can guess why he is called that...

When the new Wolverine skin will come to Fortnite is not known yet, but considering that this image is already out there, we expect it to happen fairly soon. Once it's in the game, we will of course let you in on all the details about this new skin.