Fortnite Lock On Pistol: Where To Find It And What Makes It Special

Find out where to find this new, totally futuristic gun from Fortnite Battle Royale and more importantly how to use it to gain a significant advantage over your opponents.

Fortnite lock on pistol
The new futuristic weapon of Fortnite. | © Epic Games

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 has finally introduced the Lock On Pistol, a weapon that many players have been anticipating since they saw it in the trailer.

Although it wasn't named the smart pistol as some had expected, this futuristic firearm can track and follow a target after being shot, making it a valuable tool in certain situations. In this guide, we'll discuss everything you need to know about the Lock On Pistol in Fortnite, including how to find it and how to use it effectively.

How to Find the Lock On Pistol in Fortnite

The Lock On Pistol is not a common weapon, but it's not as rare as many players initially thought it would be. It can be found as floor loot and chest loot in Blue rarity, similar to the Tactical Pistol.

Unfortunately, there are no specific locations where it's more common, so players will need to explore the island to increase their chances of finding it.

How to Use the Lock On Pistol in Fortnite

The Lock On Pistol works differently than other weapons in Fortnite, and it's essential to understand its mechanics to use it effectively.

The pistol is designed to be used when trying to hit a fast-moving target or when the player themselves is in motion. Here's how to use it:

  • Aim Down Sights: When aiming down sights with the Lock On Pistol, a blue circle will appear on the screen.
  • Keep Target Within Circle: The blue circle is an indicator that the pistol is searching for a target. Players need to keep their target within the circle to enable the pistol to lock onto the target.
  • Purple Markers: Once the pistol has locked onto the target, purple markers will appear around the circle. The number of markers will correspond to the number of shots that will hit the target when the player starts shooting.
  • Obstacles: The Lock On Pistol's bullets cannot go through walls, so if there is a structure blocking the player or their enemy, the bullets will not hit.

Although the Lock On Pistol may not be the best choice for regular combat, it's a useful weapon when the player is on a grind rail, zipline, or Rogue Bike. The pistol can track and follow the target even if the player is moving, making it an ideal weapon for situations where accuracy is essential.

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The Lock On Pistol in Fortnite may not be the most common weapon, but it's worth seeking out due to its unique ability to track and follow targets. Players can find it as floor loot or chest loot in Blue rarity, and it's essential to understand how it works to use it effectively.

With its ability to hit fast-moving targets, the Lock On Pistol can be a valuable tool for players who need to hit targets on the move.

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