Fortnite Mid-Season Update 19.10: Downtime & Titled Towers Returns!

Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 1 is in full swing, but even more new content is on its way. The big mid-season update brings tornadoes, dinosaurs, new weapons, and tilted towers returns to the island!

Fortnite Tilted Towers chapter 3
The best POI is finally back! | © Epic Games

Fortnite Chapter 3 has been packed with new content, a new map and new weapons! Most recently with the ongoing Winterfest Event. But it seems like the new season of Fortnite is just beginning! Because leaks suggest that a mid-season update with some pretty big changes will come in January. Let's get hyped.

Fortnite Patch 19.01 Downtime

Fortnite update 19.10 will launch alongside Fortnite's server downtime on January 18 and the downtime is set for 10:00 am CET. It's not known how long the servers will be down, but the servers usually come back online one hour later (let's see how long it takes this time). So you'll just have to hold out for a bit until you can jump back into the Battle Royale.

Fortnite Update 19.10 Patch Notes

With every patch, new things come to the Fortnite island. But what can we expect with Fortnite patch 19.10?

Tornados, Lightning and More

In the leaked Chapter 3 trailer, we could see huge weather changes in Fortnite over the course of the season. Including rain, lightning and even tornadoes that ravage the map.

According to leakers, the lightning bolts will hit the players, throw them through the air and temporarily double their movement speed. Cars, trees and other objects can also be hit and may catch fire.

The tornadoes hurl almost everything around and can last up to 8 minutes. A symbol on the map will apparently warn you of their presence.

New POIs

With Chapter 3 we got a completely new Fortnite map. And one thing was clear from the start: Tilted Towers, the most famous Fortnite location to date, will return soon.

Tilted is supposed to appear as soon as the snow starts to thaw. The Towers are in the middle of the map under the large lake at the height of Camp Cuddle.

In addition, a cave called "Covert Canyon" will be an underground IO base that is sure to be hotly contested, and will be revealed when the snow thaws.

New Weapons

Speaking of Covert Canyon: this location is also said to be home to a new mythical SMG. As usual, there will be an NPC boss that you will have to eliminate in order to get this weapon. Apparently, the weapon will be fast-firing, but will also cause 48 damage to headshots.

Epic Games is also working on mythical versions of the Striker Pump Shotgun and Pistol. It is still unclear whether these will also appear in the mid-season update or later in the game. Finally, a rumor that the grenade launcher may be coming back at some point in time.

IO Drill Outpost

Apparently, the IO is coming back to the island with Fortnite Patch 19.10. You've probably already noticed the weird drill holes and strange drilling noises in one place or another on the map. That's exactly where they'll be setting up their outposts all over the map as they did in previous seasons, setting up giant drills this time instead of Radars.

Dinosaur "Butter Cake"

In the trailer, we not only saw raging storms, but also a large purple dinosaur. They've got the code name "Butter Cake" and they're said to be hibernating in some place in the northwest of the island.

Rumor has it that this is the first rideable wild animal in the game to feature a blowhole that you can use to reorient your glider. He also drops special meat when he dies, which gives you 50 HP.

What a load of content to look forward to! The mid-season update is scheduled to go live on January 18, 2022, Tilted Towers' fourth birthday. We're hyped, and we'll keep you updated: