Fortnite: The Predator's Apartment Has the Bio-Helmet Online Emote

Predator apartment
Unlock the Predator emote by visiting his apartment. (Credit: Epic Games)

Yesterday the last Predator challenge went online, and one task requires you to visit his apartment as a Predator. We'll show you how!

Fortnite's Jungle Hunter tasks became fully available on Wednesday morning and with the introduction of the Predator as a boss, you can also unlock his skin for free.

Once you've completed this stage, it's time to unlock the built-in Predator's Bio-Helmet Online emote. For this, you'll need to visit the monster's apartment in Hunter's Haven. Stay tuned, because we'll show you where to find it.

Where is the Predator's Apartment Located?

Predator's Apartment is located on the right side of Hunter's Haven, right on the edge of the aforementioned town. Here is a map showing the exact location of the apartment:

Predator apartment location
Head to the upper right house to complete the challenge. (Credit: Epic Games)

Just land right on top of or next to the building and head to the big staircase that leads to the entrance on the side of the cliff. Don't forget to wear the Predator skin to complete the challenge. Just enter the building and you will unlock the emote.

Fortnite predator apartment
You will find some clues that the Predator lives in this building. (Credit: Epic Games)

Wasn't it relatively easy? Guides to the other Jungle Hunter missions can also be found in our Fortnite section - The Fortnite Predator approaches - and here's his mysterious pod or Fortnite: Talk to Beefboss, Recovery, and Dummy.

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Original article by EarlyGame's Alisa Eiber.