Where to Find The Fortnite Shield Sprinkler

A new item has been introduced in Fortnite: Say hello to the perfect addition to the Medi-Mist, the Shield Sprinkler! We'll show you how to find it.

Shield Keg Fortnite
Blue heals for your bros! | © Epic Games

There's a new item in Fortnite! And no, we're not talking about the sticky grenades that were recently pulled out of the vault. This item is a brand new heal item that can provide your entire team with shield regen., the Shield Sprinkler! But where can you find this barrel of fun and how does it work? We'll show you now

What is the Shield Sprinkler?

The Shield Sprinkler is a barrel that you set up on the ground, which then shoots Blue-Life up into the air like a fountain. Thus, if you and your team are close enough, it can restore not only your shields but those of your entire team! This shield fountain gushes long enough to bring your shields from 0 to 100. However, you have to be careful because once the Shield Sprinkler is thrown, it can also restore the shields of your enemies if they are nearby.

How to use the Shield Sprinkler?

To use it, all you have to do is throw the shield keg on the ground and stay within its sprinkling radius for the 10 seconds it stays active. And Ta-Daa, your shield is fully charged.

However, we recommend that you still build a small protective wall. This way you are not suddenly surprised by your enemies while showering in the blue liquid.

Where can you find the Shield Sprinkler?

You can find the shield sprinkler in chests, on the ground, and in supply drops. Alternatively, you can buy it for 250 bars from Lt. John Llama and the Scientist.

Lt. John Llama is located southwest of Logjam Lumberyard, at a place called Llama Homestead. The scientist wanders around the southwest of Sanctuary at one of the seven outposts. Here you can find the exact locations of all the NPCs from Chapter 3, Season 1.

The new item joins a growing list of healing items Fortnite has added since the start of Chapter 3, Season 1. The current Season also introduced the new tents, which serve not only as a health recovery item, but also as a means of storing additional items in Fortnite.

And that's about it. Gather your team around a shield sprinkler and spread festive cheer!