All Tank Locations in Fortnite Season 2, Chapter 3

You want to know where the tanks are in Fortnite? Then stay tuned. We'll show you all tank locations from Chapter 3, Season 2.
Fortnite tank locations
Where can you find these OP tanks on the Fortnite map? | © Epic Games

Chapter 3 Season 2 is all about the resistance to the Imagined Order. These guys mean business and bring a whole arsenal of new technologies to the battle royale game, including siege cannons and airships. And with them came tanks, a new type of vehicle capable of firing huge missiles. But where do the tanks spawn in Fortnite, and how can you destroy them? Here is your ultimate guide to Fortnite tanks.

Every Tank Location In Fortnite

The tanks are actually pretty easy to find. They are everywhere where the airships are heading. There are a total of 8 tanks on the map. Here, you can find all locations on the Fortnite map:

All Tank Locations Fortnite
You can find all the tanks at the tank symbols on the map. | ©

The tanks will spawn in the same locations at each lobby start. However, they may be moved by the IO Guardians or enemy players and will therefore no longer be found at their spawn points when you get there.

Command Cavern

You can even find two tanks here. To the east and west of Command Cavern is a type of tank parking lot. Both are at the foot of the mountain.

The Fortress

At the Fortress, you'll find a tank in the giant drill that drilled through the map in Season 1. But beware: Doctor Slone is also hanging around here and is hostile to you.

Tilted Towers

Of course, a tank also spawns at our beloved Tilted Towers. The tank can be found in the center of the place.

Rocky Reels

In Rocky Reels, the tank can be found in the middle.

Condo Canyon

At Condo Canyon, the tank spawns in the middle of the southern section.

The Daily Bugle

The tank at the Daily Bugle is outside the crater in the south of the town, about halfway under the huge airship.

Coney Crossroads

The tank in Coney is to the east of town on the bridge.

How Do You Control A Tank In Fortnite?

Driving the tank itself is not too difficult. Tanks behave similarly to other vehicles in the game. It also has a boost, but like the whiplash racer, it consumes fuel quickly. The two bars on the right of the tank's HUD show you how fast you're going and how much fuel the tank has left.

Fortnite Panzer Steuerung
The driver's view of a tank. | © Epic Games

At the bottom right of the screen, you will find an image of the tank. This image updates in real-time and shows the position of your turret in relation to the rest of the chassis. This image also shows the damage each part of the tank took. It's important to keep an eye on this, so you don't get sniped once the enemy destroys your hatch.

You can adjust the angle of your turret with the mouse or your controller. To spot enemies hiding behind cover, you can hold down the right mouse button to aim through the thermal aiming camera. The camera works like a thermal weapon's scope: enemies and hostile targets are shown in white.

You can also switch seats to use the turret at the top of the tank by pressing the left Ctrl key. The heavy machine gun can overheat, but it does a lot of damage quickly. When operating the turret, you are exposed though, and cannot drive the tank. The tank is strongest when one controls and drives it while the other operates the turret.

How Do You Destroy A Tank In Fortnite?

A tank like that is pretty tough. It has a total of 2,500 life. Luckily, there is a weak point that you can destroy to make it easier to eliminate the driver. There is a small hatch at the front of the tank, just under the tank turret. If you destroy this hatch, the driver will be vulnerable.

You can also shoot the two plates on the back of the tank to disable it by overheating the engine, or destroy the tank's tracks to reduce its mobility. If you have C4 with you, throw it at the tank and blow it up to deal significant damage.

And that's all you need to know about Fortnite's tanks. Have fun!