Fortnite Removes Travis Scott Emote From Item Shop!

Epic Games has removed an emote of Travis Scott from Fortnite after the Astroworld concert tragedy. Which emote is it? And what's next for the rapper?
Travis Scott Out West Emote removed entfernt fortnite
Say goodbye to the Out West emote... | © Epic Games

Don't we all love Fortnite emotes? And did you ever notice how rarely they are a topic in the media? To be honest, they never really are... at least not attached to such a tragedy: at least eight people died and many others were injured in a mass panic at rapper Travis Scott's Astroworld festival in Houston.

Meanwhile, the criticism of Travis Scott, who allegedly ignored warnings, is getting louder and some consequences are already here - Epic Games pulls the cord and removes the Travis emote from Fortnite.

Fortnite Removes Travis Scott Emote From Item Shop

While the investigations into the proceedings of the concert are still ongoing, Epic has already drawn the first consequences and removed the emote "Out West", which contains music by the star, from Fortnite. Crazy - who would have thought? It was confirmed on the official Twitter account "Fortnite Status" that the "Daily" section of the item store has been deactivated. This is actually where Travis' dance would have appeared....

The tweet states: “It’s known that the "Daily" section of the Item Shop has been disabled. This is intentional and the "Daily" section will return with the next Item Shop refresh.”

The "Out West" emote was supposed to be available in Fortnite's Item Shop on Monday. The emote appeared in 2020 after Travis' virtual concert in Fortnite and is based on his song of the same name. The emote shows a viral Tik Tok dance to the song, which was popping at the time.

Epic Games hasn't commented on the reasons for this action yet, so a direct connection to the terrible events at Travis Scott's festival can so far only be assumed. Nothing can be said about Travis Scott's future in Fortnite either. "Out West" is usually released monthly in the store, early December was supposed to be the next date.

Let's not forget in all this that Travis made a huge deal with Epic back then. A live concert in the game, millions of viewers, his own skin, his own emote: Not only did millions of dollars flow here, but the huge PR surrounding the collab also made big waves - for both sides! Has that relationship been shaken now? We'll know more by the beginning of December at the latest... will Travis appear in the store then?